Weight loss: Lose weight without even trying with these fun lockdown activities

Gemma Collins says she has the ‘buzz’ for exercise

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Getting your body moving is one of the easiest and best ways to lose weight. But this doesn’t have to mean doing exercise, participating in sports, hiring a personal trainer, or going to the gym when they re-open.

The easiest way to lose weight is to do so without even realising it as it takes away the pressure and you can have fun with it.

To do this, British athlete Claire Spurway recommended participating in fun activities with the children and younger people in your family.

With the Easter holidays coming up, the athlete has partnered with Feel Good Contacts to help parents have a stress free and active couple of weeks with their children, during which they can also lose a little weight.

One of the activities that Claire recommended was dancing.

No matter what kind of dancing you decide to do, Claire said “you don’t need to be a good dancer”.

She added: “The only thing that matters is that you’re moving.”

The athlete recommended starting with a five-minute dance session then gradually increasing it by five minutes every few days.

Just 20 minutes of dancing a day will raise the heart rate and, consequently, lead to weight loss.

Another activity that you can do with your children or alone is to wash your car.

Claire said: “A great way to make the most of the spring sunshine is to have a sponge fight and wash the car at the same time. For a bit of excitement add water bombs and water pistols.

“You’ll be getting a job done as well as having fun with the kids and burning calories when you all work your arms for the wash and polish.”

The athlete added that you can also “do squats to clean the bottom of the car and stretch to wash the roof”.

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Playing games with your children is another way to easily lose weight as they are a good way to incorporate exercise into your routine.

Claire advised playing volleyball using a balloon and having a go at ping pong, hopscotch, or tag.

“Challenge yourself to learn a new skill or improve existing ones like skipping, roller skating, juggling, skateboarding, hula hooping or ball skills,” Claire added.

A good way to lose weight while also having fun with children is to buy a weighted hula hoop as using one can tone your abs and help you burn calories.

According to Healthline, women can burn around 165 calories during a 30 minute hula hooping workout, while men can burn around 200 calories.

Walking is another simple way to lose weight as it can be easily implemented into your daily routine.

An hour’s walk is just as good as a half-hour jog, and if you walk briskly, you could burn around 200 to as much as 600 calories.

Claire recommended walking with children if you have them, saying: “A walk in the park is a great way of spending quality time together and getting active. To avoid getting bored, stop and climb trees, why not swing on a branch.

“Try and vary your route to ensure that you have a mix of up and downhill walks, and always keep a bottle of water handy and try to breathe deeply to use the full capacity of your lungs,” she added.

Nimrah Shah, Feel Good Contacts’ Marketing Director, gave her analysis on the effect of lockdown to people’s physical and mental health.

She said: “This past year has felt like an extra-long length of unstructured time. To pass the time, families are spending an excessive amount of time sitting in front of the screen.

“Sitting is the most passive thing you can do, which means that you’re not metabolising sugars and fats,” Ms Shah added.

“Research shows that long periods of sitting can have a detrimental impact on our health and wellbeing and cut years off our lives.

“Use the last couple of weeks of summer to get active with your family to help relieve stress and tension and boost your mental and physical health.”

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