Weight loss: Dr Michael Mosley gives exercise tips to slim – ‘stop cravings taking over’

Fast 800: Dr Michael Mosley explains latest weight loss method

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Intermittent fasting is a popular weight loss diet plan. Dr Michael Mosley has shared advice on how to eat and exercise while following the plan.

Dr Michael Mosley has championed time-restricted eating, or intermittent fasting, for weight loss.

What is intermittent fasting?

The diet plan focuses on restricting when you eat more than what you eat.

“While fasting normally means going without any food for a period of time, intermittent fasting is a modern, easier approach where you stop eating for a part of each day or restrict your calorie intake for a few days each week,” the expert said.

There are various methods of the plan. Some restrict calories on certain days of the week, and others during certain hours each day.

Dr Michael elaborated: “The 5:2 approach where you restrict your calorie intake to 800 calories for two days a week, and eat a healthy diet for the other five days.

“Time Restricted Eating encourages you to extend your normal night-time ‘fast’ by eating an early dinner, or skipping breakfast.

“This is to condense your eating period into an eight, 10 or 12 hour window.”

The expert shared the benefits of following the plan on general health.

Dr Mosley detailed it can increase alertness and improve mood.

For those hoping to lose weight, Dr Mosley explained it is a good way to lower calorie intake and get sustainable weight loss results.

Exercise is also something dieters should take into consideration.

Regular movement should be kept up even when following a diet plan.

Dr Mosley stated this can help keep cravings in check which could help cut back on overeating.

He said: “Keep exercising as a fitness programme will help to keep you insulin-sensitive, which is key to preventing cravings from taking over.”

There are lots of different exercise plans to suit any lifestyle.

Dr Mosley shared advice for those who choose to fast by reducing calories on certain days of the week.

He suggested avoiding high intensity workouts on days when eating less.

The expert added: “However, avoid endurance or highly demanding exercise on a fast day.”

Gentle movements such as walking or yoga would be recommended on those days.

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