Weight loss diet: Doing this one thing can help you shed fat fast – how does it work?

No matter what the reason for losing weight, many people look for a quick way to get in shape. A quick search online will bring up many diet plan and exercise tips which can make finding the best diet a difficult task. With an impressive career in health and fitness, Michael Olajide Jr shared the one thing slimmers should do to shape up. Adding in more exercise is the most important thing, he told Express.co.uk.

No matter what you eat, you must burn it off. That’s common sense.

Michael Olajide Jr

Eating less and moving more will help people shape up and there is one exercise which can help speed up the process.

Michael told Express.co.uk: “I believe cardiovascular exercise is the most important activity for the human body.

“So no matter what, always spend your time getting your heart rate up. For me, your heart is the engine over your muscles every time.”

In order to shape up, regularly moving is important in helping people get in shape.

“No matter what you eat, you must burn it off. That’s common sense,” Michael said.

“Every living organism works this way, including us. When we don’t pay attention to it we end up with severe imbalances in diet and exercise.”

For those who are unsure how to get their heart rate up, high cardio exercises could work best.

Michael told Express.co.uk: “The best exercise is the one that burns the most calories. I believe that to be the jump rope.

“The jump rope is a proven calorie slayer and unless the rope is moving at a certain speed, you aren’t really jumping the rope properly, you’re skipping the rope, which is vastly different.

“Think of riding a bike. If you aren’t moving at a good speed, the bike will tip over.”

As well as shaping up, exercise will help slimmers become healthier overall.

He explained: “Cardiovascular exercise that also challenges your recall and reflexes is the perfect storm to create your best and healthiest body ever.”

Michael Olajide Jr is a resident trainer for Centr, Chris Hemsworth’s personalised digital health and fitness program is available from the App Store and online at centr.com.

For those hoping to change their diet, following a structured plan can help them stay on track.

Intermittent fasting can be a good way for people to shape up and it involves eating during of the day and fasting for the rest. 

A keto diet plan can help boost the metabolism and burn fat quickly. 

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