Want to lose weight? Eating more of this food can help you cut belly fat

Belly fat is a problem area for lots of slimmers and some people think drastically cutting down on how much they eat will shift the pounds.  While eating less food can promote weight loss, eating more of this particular food can help dieters shrink their waistline.  By adding more fibre into the diet, slimmers can lose weight quickly, but they must eat the right kind of fibre, according to experts.  Eating more foods high in fibre are can also reduce bloating, which can give slimmers the appearance of a flatter stomach.

Eating more fibre rich foods like these can be an effective way to control weight.

Maeve Madden, fitness influencer and author of Beat the Bloat

Fibre can be found in foods such as fruit, vegetables, beans, pulses and oats.

According to Maeve Madden, fitness influencer and author of recipe book Beat the Bloat, these foods are essential for getting washboard abs.

Maeve explained: “Eating more fibre rich foods like these can be an effective way to control weight.

“Fibre has no magical fat-burning properties but can help you to feel satisfied in much smaller quantities, keeping you feeling fuller for longer.”

Eating this early on in the day can have it’s benefits as those who opt for a breakfast high in fibre, such as porridge, will keep the body feeling fuller for longer.

This can mean dieters will be less tempted to opt for unhealthy snacks later in the day and choosing high-fibre foods at other times can have benefits too.

According to research published on healthline.com by Franziska Spritzler, Registered Dietitian and Certified Diabetes Educator, fibre will help keep people feeling full and can also help the body absorb less calories from food.

Eating this first thing in the morning can reduce cravings later in the day, and a five-year study of over 1,100 adults found belly fat gain decreased by 3.7 per cent for every ten grams of fibre eaten.

Not all fibre is created equal, however, as research published on healthline.com by Joe Leech, MS, said those looking to lose weight should aim to eat viscous fibres, which only occur in plant-based food.

He said good sources of this include beans and legumes, flax seeds, asparagus, Brussels sprouts and oats.

Eating fibre can aid digestion and help slimmers lose fat from their midriff as well as promote weight loss all over.

For those hoping to flatten their stomach, they could be making one big mistake. 

According to personal trainer, Cecilia Harris, trying to target a specific area of the body might not work.

Personal trainer and Results with Lucy co-founder Cecilia Harris exclusively told Express.co.uk: “To lose body fat in general, in any part of your body, it’s about dieting.

“It’s about creating a calorie deficit.”

If looking to follow a structured diet plan to shape up, one woman shared how she lost 3st 8lb in three months using the keto diet. 

The Reddit user “rebacrax” ate low-carb and high-fat foods in order to lose over a stone a month.

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