Ginger Pineapple Fried Rice

Ginger pineapple fried rice, a perfect use for leftover rice, makes a delicious side dish for shrimp, pork, or chicken.

Have leftover plain rice?

This Ginger Pineapple Fried Rice is a great rice side dish for shrimp, pork, or chicken that calls for starting with chilled, cooked rice.

I grilled some shrimp with some fresh pineapple the other day and served it with this ginger pineapple fried rice.

Delicious! And very easy to make. You can probably substitute canned pineapple if fresh isn’t available.

What’s the secret to perfect fried rice?

The most important thing is to use leftover rice! Make the rice a day ahead of time and chill in the refrigerator overnight.

The rice will contract and dry out a bit in the fridge, making it less palatable if you are just going to eat leftover rice, but perfect for cooking with to make fried rice.

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