Three breakfast foods to avoid when trying to lose weight – best alternatives

Professor Tim Spector from King’s College London explained that croissants, cereals and white toasts are ultra-processed foods and those who want to lose weight should “not have them” in the morning.

According to the expert, cutting the three foods from breakfast would reduce a person’s daily ultra-processed food intake by a third.

Other breakfast foods and drinks slimmers should avoid are flavoured yoghurts and sugary drinks like fruit juice.

Instead, the expert recommended having natural yoghurt and nuts in the morning, beans or mushrooms on sourdough bread or a spinach omelette.

Professor Spector explained: “Most people start the day and they’ve got choices. They can skip breakfast, as some people do, and just have a tea or a coffee.

“Or they can say, I’m not gonna have any breakfast cereal – 95 percent of which are ultra-processed. That would be a reasonable start.

“Don’t have white supermarket sliced loaf bread because that’s also ultra-processed. Don’t have yogurt with anything added to it that isn’t totally pure.

“And just by those, that would probably reduce your level of ultra-processing by about a third,” he explained during a podcast for his nutrition company ZOE.

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What is ultra-processed food?

Ultra-processed food is food which has not been made at home using natural ingredients, but instead, contains a number of additives.

The British Heart Foundation explained that ultra-processed foods “typically have five or more ingredients”.

“They tend to include many additives and ingredients that are not typically used in home cooking, such as preservatives, emulsifiers, sweeteners, and artificial colours and flavours. These foods generally have a long shelf life.”

Breakfast cereals and packaged bread are considered ultra-processed foods “because they often have extra ingredients added during production, such as emulsifiers, sweeteners, and artificial colours and flavours”.

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What are the best breakfast foods to lose weight?

Healthline recommended 13 healthy breakfast foods “that help you lose weight”:

  1. Eggs
  2. Bananas
  3. Natural yoghurt
  4. Smoothies
  5. Berries
  6. Grapefruits
  7. Coffee
  8. Kiwis
  9. Green Tea
  10. Chia seeds
  11. Oatmeal
  12. Flaxseeds
  13. Nuts

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