The top ten exercises to help you lose weight revealed – which burns the most calories?

There are many different routes slimmers can go down when they are trying to shape up. Some may focus on their diet while others will choose to ramp up their exercise regime. If trying to exercise more, not all sports are equal with some activities promising to help you burn nearly 1000 calories in just one hour, according to research by What are the top ten exercises to burn calories?

Weight loss diet plan: Top exercise to burn calories and lose weight fast

With most people willing to dedicate one hour to a gym class, the research looked at over 30 different sports and how many calories they could burn in that time.

Top ten exercises that burn the most calories

1. Squash – 886 calories

2. Running – 738 calories

3. Rugby – 738 calories

4. Martial Arts – 738 calories

5. Skipping – 738 calories

6. Boxing – 664 calories

7. BMX or Mountain Biking – 627 calories

8. Swimming – 591 calories

9. Rock Climbing – 591 calories

10. Football – 591 calories

Comparing the various sports, playing squash came out on top with players burning around 886 calories in just one hour.

Running, martial arts and playing rugby came out as a close second with gym goers able to burn off around 738 calories from the activity.

The research also revealed the sporting activities which are less likely to burn extra calories.

Top ten exercises that burn the least calories

1. Yoga – 185 calories

2. Surfing – 221 calories

3. Pilates – 221 calories

4. Sailing / Windsurfing – 221 calories

5. Weightlifting – 221 calories

6. Walking – 244 calories

7. Table Tennis – 295 calories

8. Gymnastics – 295 calories

9. Horse Riding – 295 calories

10. Golf – 332 calories

Those who prefer a more tame gym session will need to work harder to shift the weight with yoga burning the lowest amount of calories per hour.

Weightlifting, pilates and surfing were also among some of the lowest burners and fitness fanatics would only lose about 221 calories through the activities.

Sports including table tennis, gymnastics and golf will also leave slimmers struggling to feel the burn.

When losing weight, combining an exercise plan with a weight loss diet can give the quickest results.

Surprisingly, adding more high carb foods into the diet could be a good way to get into shape. 

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