Susanna Reid weight loss: GMB host cut one thing from diet plan to shed 1st 7lb

Susanna Reid is a journalist and broadcaster who has made changes in her diet plan to slim down. The presenter managed to shed an impressive 1st 7lb by cutting certain things out of her diet. What did she eat?


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The presenter was first prompted to change her life after a doctors visit raised health concerns.

Susanna started making small changes to her lifestyle which included cutting back on alcohol.

Speaking to Prima Magazine, she said: “I’ve lost a stone-and-a-half and I feel fantastic.

“This time last year, I went to the doctor with a skin problem and he told me I could do with losing some weight.

“It turned out I was at the upper end of my BMI and, I have to admit, I’d been feeling a little heavy for a while.”

By removing alcohol from her diet plan, Susanna noticed the weight started to fall off.

Does alcohol slow weight loss?

Drinking alcohol has been shown to slow down weight loss for many slimmers, according to

“Alcohol also plays a large role in weight management,” the website stated.

“Anyone looking to drop those final stubborn pounds may want to consider skipping their evening glass of wine.”

“Alcoholic drinks are often referred to as “empty” calories. This means that they provide your body with calories but contain very little nutrients.”

Opening up about her new slim frame, Susanna revealed another bad habit she ditched to become healthier.

The presenter explained she cut back on snacking in a bid to reduce the number of calories she consumed.


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Speaking on ITV show, Lorraine, she said: “It can creep up without you noticing, and what I did was cut out snacking.

“I found waking up so early in the morning, and you’re in a sort of energy deficit and all your body can think of is to have toast and biscuits. And you can pile it on really quickly.”

As well as controlling how much she would snack, Susanna would go to the gym to burn extra calories.

She added: “I’d stopped going for a while because it gave me an excuse to over-snack. But the good feeling of doing exercise is unbeatable.”

Last year, Susanna publicly made another change in her diet after taking the advice of professional boxer, Tyson Fury.

He told her to reduce her calorie intake by ditching milk from her coffee during an interview on Good Morning Britain.

The boxer later appeared back on the morning show and Susanna’s co-star, Piers Morgan, explained how helpful his advice was.

He said: “She’s lost two stone Tyson. After your little pep talk, Susanna’s wasting away!”

Susanna added: “You suggested that I eliminate, well take away, milk from my coffee so now it’s black coffee only. Thank you very much for that tip!”

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