Strictly Come Dancing star John Waite undergoes huge body transformation

Strictly: John Whaite makes dig at Rhys over his training

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The Strictly contestant began hitting the gym and exercising ahead of his appearance on the BBC One dancing show, where he has made history as part of the first all-male partnership. John shares photos of his fitness journey on his Instagram account and is often seen showing off his bulging biceps after a challenging workout.

Compared to his appearance in 2012 when he won the Bake Off, John has gained a large amount of muscle mass and looks completely different. 

He claims his new look is all down to a strict new fitness regime.

Sharing his routine, he explained: “I’m doing a bit more cardio I’ve done weightlifting now for years, and I’ve really got into bodybuilding in the past 18 months.

“So I’ve now started to incorporate more stretching and cardio into my routine, and I have been watching what I eat as I want to get more lean.”

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John, 33, broke down in tears on Instagram after he announced he’ll dance in Strictly Come Dancing’s first all-male partnership.

He explained: “I’m actually crying real tears because of how nice you’re all being.

“I’m so excited to be on Strictly. It’s a dream come true and it’s even more of a dream to be doing the first all-male partnership.

“There will be kids watching thinking it’s OK to be who you are. So thanks for all the messages, I’m going back to bed now.”

BBC bosses had a lot of positive feedback from last year’s first same-sex partnership.

The partnership was made up of Katya, 30, and boxing champ Nicola, 38.

While the pair got primarily positive reviews, there were a small number of complaints when the pair danced in the final.

The BBC responded by saying they were “proud” of its same-sex performances.

A spokesperson said:“The show is first and foremost about dance, the sex of each partner within a pairing should have no bearing on their routine.”

When it comes to his pre-dance ritual, John has a unique approach. 

The baking enthusiast likes to take some time out. 

John explained that his pre-show ritual involves taking a step back.

He explained:”We sit in absolute silence, talk to nobody and eat jelly beans and coke. Then run through the dance once.

“When we walk onto the dance floor and everyone shouts and cheers, we block all the noise out and focus on each other.

“It seems a bit withdrawn but it’s just about internalising all the emotions so it can come out in the dance.”

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