Robbie Williams weight loss: Gave up one thing to slim down and shed fat – what was it?

Robbie Williams originally found fame as a member of the English pop group, Take That from 1989 to 1995, however, he achieved greater commercial success with his solo career, beginning in 1997. Robbie is a highly beloved British singer and has been a constant presence in British culture throughout the last 20 decades. Recently, the singer-songwriter has made an admission that he has struggled with a “relentless weight battle” for several years and admitted that to overhaul his lifestyle and improve his health and diet he cut out one thing to trim down. What did he cut out?


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Appearing on the WW, Weight Watchers reimagined, Wellness that Works podcast Robbie speaks about his weight loss and wellness journey since joining the programme.

Robbie Williams is a WW ambassador and is currently on the new myWW programme – its most customised weight-loss programme ever.

The WW Wellness that Works podcast is a fun and motivational podcast for anyone who wants to build healthy habits – whether that means eating better, moving more, shifting your mindset or all of the above.

What did Robbie Williams have to say about weight loss?

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During the episode the ever-entertaining singer and showman, opens up about how his previous relationship with food had affected his mental health, with Robbie commenting that: “I found that normally my history is being overweight and being dreadfully unhappy and then counteracting that with extreme measures and being depressed because there are no nutrients in my body.”

Talking about why he became a part of the WW family Robbie said: “There is this relentless weight battle and weight issue that I’ve had forever.

“WW phoned up and said ‘hey, we want you to be really healthy and have a clean head, and feel good about yourself!’.

“The universe spoke and I listened to it, and I was like, yes, please let me get on this. And I started boxing. That was great for my mind”.

Since becoming a WW ambassador, Robbie’s relationship with food and exercise has changed: “I’m golfing a lot and I’m in nature. And it’s three hours of walking and it’s meditative because all you’re thinking about is that next shot and it takes you out of yourself.

“Like boxing does. You know, you go boxing and it’s so hard but so enjoyable.

“And then I saw on a podcast somebody would say, if you don’t work out, it’s the equivalent of taking a depressant pill instead of an antidepressant. If you don’t work out and don’t do something you’re taking a depressant pill.”

Robbie credits WW for how well he’s feeling at the moment saying that: “It’s helping me tremendously.


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“I’ve changed my life. I’m loving being a daddy. Loving the WW, loving – the wife.

“Yeah all is good. There is a confidence that’s coming with the WW programme.”

So, what was one of the main things that Robbie cut out to lose weight and overhaul his lifestyle?

Robbie revealed during the podcast that he “gave up smoking” to overhaul his diet after he became worried about having an “early death”.

He revealed: “The most recent thing that triggered this whole [weight gain] thing was I relapsed on smoking.

“So when I smoke, I’m half-smoke, half-man. I’m a man of extremes. And the wife said, ‘You got to give up smoking’.

“I didn’t want to do the death, the early death. So I was like, yeah, OK.

“And I just thought, hang on, maybe I can just view this differently. This whole process, not only could I give up smoking, but I could be fit and healthy and have a clean head and a clean vision of how I want my future.

“And I found that moment to be very, very powerful.”

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