Queen Maxima now has ‘a very toned and slim’ figure after weight loss

Queen Maxima of The Netherlands visited Italy for Milan Design Week in April and showed off her slim figure. The Queen of The Netherlands has been curvier in the past but appears to be maintaining a slimmer figure these days.

Fitness expert Ben Dillion spoke exclusively to Express.co.uk to explain the benefits of the ketogenic diet that Queen Maxima likely follows.

He said: “The ketogenic diet, which is high in fat, low in carbohydrates, and moderate in protein, can promote weight loss and improved energy levels, as the body relies on fat for energy instead of carbohydrates.

“Individuals who follow this diet achieve a very toned and slim look, which is reflected in Queen Maxima’s recent photographs.”

Mr Dillion also explained how the Argentinian native keeps her fabulous figure at the age of 51.

He claimed: “Maintaining a healthy and toned physique at Queen Maxima’s age typically involves a combination of a strict diet (keto in this case), regular exercise, and a focus on overall well-being. With the main factor again being, consistency.

“It’s essential to approach any diet with a personalised strategy, considering one’s own health history, nutritional requirements, and lifestyle.

“While the ketogenic diet may work for some, it’s not universally suitable for everyone. It is more than likely that Queen Maxima would be following a very specific routine, constructed by health professionals.

“With many resources in this day and age, she is probably taking it one step further and also not consuming any foods or supplements that may specifically not agree with her body.”

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Queen Maxima is originally from Argentina, which Mr Dillion claims can impact her diet and figure.

He opined: “Cultural background can indeed play a role in shaping an individual’s diet and exercise habits.

“Argentine cuisine is rich in meat, grains, and vegetables, which can provide a foundation for a balanced diet.

“As for physical activity, the Argentine culture is known for its love of dance, such as tango, which can be a fun and engaging way to stay active.

“It’s more than possible that these cultural elements contribute to Queen Maxima’s overall health and well-being.”

Fitness coach Ceza Ouzounian also spoke exclusively to Express.co.uk to explain Queen Maxima’s impressive weight loss.

She suggested: “As we get older, our metabolism slows down, which means putting on weight is easier.

“Queen Maxima being of menopause age will also affect her weight as her hormones will have a big effect.

“Keeping on top of her diet and lifestyle habits will make a big difference to her figure. Being mindful of the food she eats, and making sure it is high in protein and low in sugar makes a big difference (so doing the keto diet is helping a lot with this).

“Incorporating movement in everyday life is also important, for example, keeping up with resistance training helps prevent muscle loss.

“Also, making sure to get good quality sleep and keep stress low are really important to keep the body in great shape. Sleep affects our hormones and the ability to exercise, eat well and keep stress low.

“Queen Maxima is busy and making sure that she is on top of her food, exercise and sleep will contribute massively to her fabulous figure.”

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