Queen Letizia gets ‘slim figure’ in 28 days – ‘inspiring role model’

Queen Letizia of Spain marries King Felipe VI in 2004

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Queen Letizia, 50, is a mother of two, and despite being half a century old, she still manages to retain her fantastic slim figure. A wellness coach spoke exclusively to Express.co.uk to break down how Letizia stays such “an attractive woman”.

Simone Thomas, the founder of Simone Thomas Wellness, said: “There is no denying that Queen Letizia Of Spain is an attractive woman and is an inspiring role model in a world full of filters and the portrayal that only young women are attractive.

“She comes across as a vibrant woman who takes her work and role seriously. As she is in the public eye, she works well at creating an impressive image, something I can imagine is expected of her but which adds pressure especially as she gets older and wants to look great under the scrutiny of the public eye, which we all know can be super harsh.

“Letizia is certainly slim, always wears well-fitted, classic clothes and her dark hair has a shine so many would love.”

Ms Thomas believes that Queen Letizia follows Dr Perricone’s 28-Day Anti-Inflammatory Diet judging by her slim and excellent figure.

She clarified: “Looking at her details more closely, it’s believed she follows Dr Perricone’s 28-Day Anti-Inflammatory Diet, and given it promises to help with mental clarity, provides increased energy, and gives people an overall boost in physical well-being, it is very possible she follows this.

“It is key to note that this is about eating good food that helps you to be healthy and not about weight loss being a priority.

“As with so many diets, foods including bread, pasta, cereal, rice, anything fried, potatoes, crisps, fruit juice and fizzy drinks are off limits, and Letizia has been reported to drink up to three litres of water a day.

“As Dr Perricone’s diet is about anti-ageing and anti-inflammatory, we would imagine she will eat a diet that is rich in salmon, fresh fruits and vegetables as well as healthy oils and this is pretty typical in Mediterranean countries like Spain.”

The expert expanded on Queen Letizia’s favourite meals and snacks. She said: “I would imagine she eats regular meals and that things are planned around her busy schedule.

“While it might be that champagne is served at events, again, water will be on the menu as well as green tea which is packed with amounts of anti-inflammatories and hailed as some as a miracle drink.”

Queen Letizia, along with her husband King Felipe of Spain, are always on the road visiting their subjects and performing royal engagements, which certainly takes up a lot of energy.

The wellness coach added: “I am sure Queen Letizia has a lady in waiting or assistant who will ensure when she has a full schedule and is on the road that her diet is taken care of and that there will be snacks and water on hand, blueberries being one as they are fantastically anti-inflammatory.

“Keeping hydrated will also be key and while we are heading into the cooler autumn months, the heat in Spain can be fierce and dehydration can be dangerous so keeping water to hand both as she travels and again at meetings and events will be important.

“I am pretty sure that none of this will be left to chance and that her team will make sure she has the nutrition and hydration any busy royal needs to feel her best and meet the demands of her schedule.”

Queen Letizia always looks phenomenal on royal engagements, for instance, last week when she wore a backless dress in Madrid.

The 50-year-old mother of two does not let her age define her style choices and continues to keep a fantastic figure.

Ms Simone elaborated on the potential exercises which Queen Letizia may prefer to perform.

She said: “Queen Letizia is one busy woman so I am sure she burns up plenty of energy just doing her everyday work.

“But I would imagine that with her slim figure and great skin, she will include some cardio work and may well add in Pilates for strengthening and some weights.”

Queen Letizia has two children, Princess Leonor, 16, and Infanta Sofia, 15, who she shares with King Felipe. The family of four live in Madrid as the most senior members of the Spanish Royal Family.

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