Princess Anne stays slim by eating foods that ‘digest easier’ – but not afraid to snack

Princess Anne may take 'back seat' under Charles says expert

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Princess Anne eats a healthy diet to ensure she feels energised throughout the day. She leads an active lifestyle and isn’t afraid to snack when feeling hungry. What are her other secrets to staying slim and healthy?

According to former royal chef Darren McGray, Anne enjoys eating fruit, including bananas, for breakfast.

However, the kind of bananas Anne likes are almost stale.

“Princess Anne almost always preferred the bananas almost black – overripe – because they digest easier,” the chef told TODAY.

Overripe bananas are in fact healthier than green or yellow ones as, when a banana starts to go out of date, all the starch and chlorophyll in the fruit breaks down into sugar.

This means the antioxidant levels in the banana have increased.

“A full brown banana is an antioxidant powerhouse,” according to research published in an article on Spoon University.

A banana may be Anne’s breakfast choice, but throughout the day, the royal likes to snack on another fruit: a kiwi.

According to her daughter, Zara Tindall, the 71-year-old always carries a kiwi fruit with her and eats it when her energy levels are low.

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“She [Anne] always has a kiwi fruit,” were Zara’s words, published in the bestselling royal biography Queen Of Our Times: The Life of Elizabeth II, written by Robert Hardman and released in March earlier this year.

Kiwis can not only provide energy, but also contribute to overall wellbeing.

Often described as a “super fruit”, it contains high levels of vitamin C and vitamin K, and can aid the digestion of meat and other sources of protein.

Kiwis are also rich in antioxidants, like overripe bananas.

Charlotte Norton, Medical Director at The Slimming Clinic, previously spoke to about what foods Anne likely eats throughout the day, as well as what exercises she does.

“The fact that Princess Anne exemplifies good health shows that she must lead an active and healthy lifestyle,” she said.

“While the usual weight loss rules would have applied, such as burning more calories than she consumed, eating lean meat, reducing sugary foods with little to no nutritional value and avoiding fad diets, there are additional things that I believe Princess Anne would have done.”

Charlotte added that Anne also probably eats foods that contain high levels of nutrients and protein, saying: “We know that the Princess is also a fan of smoked herring – a great protein-rich dish.

“As we grow older, we are in danger of losing muscle mass – protein helps with weight loss efforts since it keeps you fuller for longer.

“Other foods that I imagine she eats regularly are salmon, whole eggs, and grass-fed beef.

“I also believe that Princess Anne would be consuming a greater number of smaller meals and snacks throughout the day – not going any longer than three hours without eating.”

This demonstrates that Anne isn’t afraid to snack, and doing so in moderation does not necessarily cause weight gain.

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