Princess Anne exemplifies how to ‘be in shape in your 70s’ – royal has a ‘great physique’

Princess Anne may take 'back seat' under Charles says expert

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Princess Anne turned 72 years old today, and the grandmother of five has never looked better. The Princess Royal famously competed in the 1976 Olympic Games, making her the first member of the Royal Family to do so. But how does she maintain her slim figure at the age of 72?

Matt Boyles, the CEO and founder of Fitter Confident You spoke exclusively to to explain.

He said: “The Princess Royal has cut a slim, trim figure for as long as I can remember – even back to It’s a Royal Knockout in the 1980s! 

“She has always been active too, both professionally with regular royal engagements and personally, with her love of horse-riding. Getting active at an early age is one of the best ways to still be in shape in your 70s and beyond!

“To support and strengthen her posture I would believe she has regularly done yoga or Pilates – both excellent at strengthening your core (which holds you upright), reducing back ache (from all that standing she does) and improving posture, preventing her shoulders from rounding.”

What are Anne’s favourite meals and does she snack?

Mr Boyles added: “To maintain a slim, strong body, Anne will have an understanding of the ‘right amount’ of food for her to eat each day.

“This will differ from person to person, and I’m confident she will have worked with a PT or nutritionist to help her determine this.

“The most important factor in Anne’s meal choices is protein, especially at the start of the day.

“Having some Greek Yoghurt or eggs or even a protein shake (not as outlandish as you might be thinking) means you start the day with a steady release of energy.

“Protein takes longer to digest, keeping Anne fuller for longer, so she’s less likely to snack between breakfast and lunch.”

Anne has several royal engagements and royal outings throughout each day – does she find time to eat between?

Mr Boyles explained: “Anne will surely be eating regularly each day – I encourage my clients not to see food as something to be exercised off, but delicious fuel to allow you to do what you want to do to your best, each day.

“Starting the day with an omelette will ensure a decent amount of filling, slow-to-digest protein, plus some tasty vegetables for nutrients and vitamins is an easy way to get off on the right foot.

“What’s more, it keeps really well, so it’s not beyond the realms of possibilities that her assistant brings the other half of the omelette with her for Anne to enjoy at lunch – no cooking required and easy to eat on the go (or in an office).

“Anne will also be drinking at least two litres of water during her day – this helps with mental acuity and sharpness (remembering people’s names when on a royal engagement) as well as keeping her refreshed and energised.”

Is Anne still horse-riding at 72 or has she slowed down? Does she enjoy any other sports or exercises?

Mr Boyles commented: “A true equestrian, Anne is absolutely still horse-riding, and rode at the recent Trooping of the Colour. Horse-riding is excellent exercise, working the entire body – especially the core.

“While she may not be going all out at racing or show-jumping, even a gentle canter is a great workout at any age, and it shows with her great physique and posture.

“To complement this, she may well be doing regular yoga or Pilates and I’d be surprised if she isn’t lifting weights in some way.

“This is truly the greatest health-giving exercise we can do, and can be started at any age to build strength, confidence, balance, coordination and overall fitness.”

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