One man shed an astounding 6st 9lb in less than a year with this diet – what did he eat?

When it comes to losing weight, slimmers might struggle to know which diet plan is best for them to follow.  With so many different diets on offer, looking to people who have successfully lost weight can help encourage slimmers to make their own change.  One man recently shared his astounding weight loss transformation on Reddit and gave others an insight into what he did to lose the weight.  He trimmed down in just 11-months by adding in exercise and following one diet plan.

Weight loss diet: Reddit user shed 6st 9lb in a year on this plan

Posting on Reddit, “xmacv” explained he followed a keto diet to help him lose 6st 7lb and cut belly fat.

He also revealed he is 33-years-old and 5ft 11in and the transformation took him just under a year to complete.

By following this diet, he slimmed down from a whopping 20st to a lean 13st 5lb.

Those who use a keto diet have to eat less than 25 grams of net carbs each day in order for their body to get into a state called “ketosis”.

By continuing to do this, their body is supposedly encouraged to burn more fat which speeds up the weight loss process.

As well as eating low-carb, the diet includes foods high in fat and protein and “xmacv” gave an insight into his meal plan.

The Reddit user said: “During the last 11 months I haven’t counted any calories at all; I just made sure I ate 20 g of carbs or less a day.

“I would say I eat less than 1800 cal a day. Some days I’m very strict with my eating some days I definitely go over 1800 as an estimate.”

He explained a typical breakfast would be a protein shake with peanut butter, ice and spring greens.

The user would often drink coffee with cream to add more fat into his diet, and dinner would be a portion of protein, such as chicken, steak or tuna, with broccoli and butter.

When going through his transformation, “xmacv” also added regular exercise into his lifestyle to speed up the process.

He explained he would play tennis or squash at least four times a week to burn extra calories.

Following a low-carb diet such as keto can be a good way for some dieters to shape up. 

By cutting out foods such as bread, pasta, rice and sugar, slimmers can shift up to 10lb in a week, according to research.

One man added in dance classes and cycled to work to help him lose 3st 13lb. 

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