Olly Murs: Star shares 2st transformation with easy changes – ‘got to eat the right foods’

Olly Murs jokes he's better at kissing than cooking

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Olly Murs has just landed his latest TV gig, presenting new talent show Strastruck. The 37-year-old hosts the show alongside judges Adam Lambert, Sheridan Smith, Beverley Knight, and Jason Manford.

Olly Murs’ appearance has changed over the years as the singer’s weight has fluctuated.

In 2020, he opened up about his weight gain and how he managed to lose it, shedding almost two stone.

He shared his transformation with fans at the time, showing them both a before and after picture of his weight loss journey.

In an Instagram post, he wrote: “Ain’t bad for 35yr old! My ambition to be a ‘butler in the buff’ is coming true.

“The pic on the left was 2nd January! I was like ‘f**k me I look massive’.

“Weight was doing me no favours, grumpy, no energy, sleeping was awful so I made some adjustments and I’m actually buzzing now I’m off to get a McDonald’s.”

In the second photo, showing his transformation, it appeared that Olly had gained muscle and abs.

Speaking to The Sun Online at the time, the singer revealed he had lost almost two stone.

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He said: “I was 14st 3lbs. I’m always between 12st 8lbs and 13lbs. And I’m 12st 8lbs now.

“To be that heavy was not good for me. I did not feel fit, I was having really bad sleepless nights, I was grumpy.

“I just wasn’t myself so I’m glad I’ve got back to where I feel most comfortable.”

Olly added that recovery from a serious knee operation in June 2019 had contributed to his weight gain.

The singer continued: “When you have major surgery like I did, there were many days where I did nothing at home on the sofa. I couldn’t walk, let alone exercise, and I was so bored, so I would often raid the sweet drawer.”

So, how did he lose weight?

Olly credited his “very active” bodybuilder girlfriend Amelia Tank for motivating him to get back to the gym and to eat more healthily, but he added that “you’ve got to help yourself”.

He said: “I’ve got to get off the sofa and in the gym, I’ve got to eat the right foods.

“At the end of the day, I’ve got to control what I put in my mouth and I’m in control of what I do in those situations.

“[Amelia] was great, but I was the one who steered it really.”

In an interview with Heart Radio at the time, Olly added: “She’s [Amelia] brilliant and she’s been absolutely fantastic. She just gave me that extra little bit of encouragement and she says it’s not up to me to do it, you’ve got to be able to do it yourself.

“You’ve got to get up to do it everyday. So I was like, okay I will. So, she did this little nutritional plan for me and I just went out and did it and loved it. And I still love it now.”

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