Natalie Cassidy weight loss: EastEnders star on what she cut out from diet to lose 42lbs

Natalie Cassidy finishes her first London Marathon

Natalie Cassidy is a familiar figure on British TV screens after appearing on EastEnders from the age of 10. The actress has also starred in both Strictly Come Dancing and Big Brother. However, Natalie has also hit headlines after dropping a whopping three stone.

How did the TV star manage to change her frame from a size 16 to a svelte size eight?

Natalie previously revealed that she managed to cut out certain foods and drink from her diet to shed three stone.

Takeaways have been axed in a bid to stay trim.

She told the Daily Express Saturday magazine that she has“sworn off take-outs.”

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Other fattening foods are also eschewed by Natalie.

She said she’d cut out “cheese, crisps and dips”, which she previously said were her “downfall”.

Booze, too, is no longer on the menu.

Natalie said she’d reduced her alcohol intake in order to lose weight and only drank white wine in moderation.

Healthy home-cooked food is now more of a priority for the actress.

Often sharing recipes to her Instagram, Natalie previously posted a photo holding a bowl of healthy stuffed peppers which she made herself.

She said: “I am not a chef, I don’t claim to be a brilliant cook and I am not going on Masterchef (although I’d love to!) but I do love cooking. I love recipe books and recipe shows.”

Natalie also shared her advice for living well on the social media platform.

In one shot of the star wearing a coat and sunglasses indoors while holding a mug, she wrote: “Sometimes you just wake up and jump out of bed and get on with stuff. In these times we need to really keep on top of our moods.

“Speak to your friends. Have a laugh. Get a good night’s sleep a couple of times a week, at least. Eat something nice. Sweat. Do things that make you happy. Happy Friday.”

Taking up running has also helped Natalie overhaul her look.

Natalie ran the London Marathon last year after taking on an intense training regime to prepare.

She ran 18 miles in just one day of her training which helped her to burn a huge number of calories.

Natalie shared how running with a group helped her to keep on track.

Speaking on the podcast RunPod, the actress said: “We’ve suddenly become this little team of people and we’re so close, we’ve got WhatsApp groups and we go out together and we post our runs and it gives us motivation.”

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