Mike Tindall diet: Royal orders delivery for dinner as Zara is ‘not into eating red meat’

Mike Tindall ‘confident enough’ to discuss marriage says pundit

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Zara Tindall, 40, stopped eating red meat since having children, her husband Mike revealed. This has caused the rugby star to begin ordering in his own meals each day. Some members of the Royal Family might expect dinner served on a silver plate, but Mike has explored different options to ensure he can enjoy his dinner.

The former England rugby captain has revealed that he eats separate meals from his wife Zara, the Queen’s granddaughter.

In startlingly candid comments, the Yorkshireman says Princess Anne’s daughter stopped cooking for him when she gave up eating red meat after the birth of their three children.

Instead of cooking for himself, he orders a delivery every day.

“My wife Zara’s appetites have changed since having children,” he disclosed.

“She’s not into eating red meat anymore, so now I look after my own meals.

“I do this through a company that delivers most of my food, because then it’s easy to keep track of my calorie intake.”

The former World Cup winner is now 43, and has made a career out of sponsorships and other ventures since retiring from rugby in 2014.

He explained: “I’m not a massive fan of cooking.

“Zara can look in the fridge and plan what to eat — but that’s not my skill-set.”

What was Mike Tindall’s former diet like as a rugby star?

He referred to the classic Hollywood film Groundhog Day in which a cynical television weatherman became trapped in a time loop, forcing him to relive the same day repeatedly,

Mike said: “When it comes to food, I’m like Bill Murray in Groundhog Day — I’m all about routine.

“Back in my rugby days, most of my meals were provided.

“You’d get into the club at 7am and have breakfast.

“You’d have a midmorning snack, then lunch, then a post-training afternoon snack.

“So the only meal you’d have to worry about was dinner.

“That routine has stuck with me.”

He added: “I’m a four-meals-a-day person.

“So I have lunch bang on 12 noon, something at 3pm, then eat again in the evening.

“That’s where the food delivery company comes in handy.”

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