Michael Mosley weight loss: Dr Clare Bailey’s ‘scrumptious’ pizza recipe- ‘keeps you full’

Dr Clare Bailey explains how to make an easy chickpea tagine

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Dr Michael Mosley popularised the 5:2 diet, Keto diet, and most recently, Fast 800 Keto. GP and Health Columnist Dr Clare Bailey shared the perfect recipe for slimmers on one of her husband’s rapid weight loss plans.

One recipe that Dr Clare recommends is low-carb Portobello Mushroom Pizzas.

She said: “They’re fantastically low in carbohydrates, high in vitamins including Vitamin A and Vitamin D, and lots of fibre.”

The mushroom is a healthy alternative to a “starchy, high-sugar producing standard pizza base”.

It’s a perfect dinner idea for when pizza cravings kick in and dieters want to avoid high fat, high sodium and unhealthy ingredients such as colourings, added sugar and preservatives.

Dr Clare isn’t the only weight loss champion who loves mushrooms.

Dr Michael revealed that his “go-to” breakfast is a mushroom omelette.

He shared a top tip for getting those most out of mushrooms: “Put them out in the garden before you cook with them. Put them in the sunlight for about an hour and that will absolutely boost the levels of Vitamin D.”

Nutritionist Emma Thornton also told Expres.co.uk: “Mushrooms may also help with anti-ageing.”


Ingredients for four mushroom pizzas

Portobello mushrooms

Two tablespoons of olive oil

One glove of garlic

One teaspoon oregano

Four teaspoons tomato puree

A handful of Cherry tomatoes

Handful of grated cheese

Black pepper


1. Combine the olive oil, chopped garlic and oregano and mix in a bowl.

2. Add one teaspoon of tomato puree to each mushroom.

3. Slice several cherry tomatoes and place them around the base of the mushroom.

4. Scatter the cheese over the tomatoes.

5. Add black pepper and drizzle the mix of olive oil, chopped garlic and oregano over the pizza.

6. Place in the oven for 8-10 minutes.

Dr Clare adds cheese to her healthy mushroom pizza, but is this suitable for dieters?

“People often say, ‘For a diet, how come you’re eating cheese?

“But it keeps you full, there are plenty of nutrients in it, and it’s been shown to be beneficial in terms of helping reduce blood sugars.”

She admitted that it’s “quite high in calories”, so cheese can be used sparingly in this recipe for ultimate fat loss.

Dr Clare described the recipe as “scrumptious” and full of “nutrients”.

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