Michael Mosley shares the ‘unlikely’ drink to improve daily performance – ‘swear by it’

Michael Mosley discusses the improved quality of liquid diets

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They may be a food people don’t think about when it comes to their five-a-day, but beetroots have long been considered a superfood for all their health-promoting properties. The highly nutritious veg as been found to support the health of the brain, heart and digestive system and Dr Mosley recommended eating a specific amount to improve daily performance.

Speaking on his Just One Thing podcast, he explained how people don’t actually have to eat them in order to reap the benefits.

“I know it sounds unlikely, but consuming beetroot or drinking it in the form of beetroot shots a few hours before an activity has been shown to improve performance and endurance,” he said.

“Lots of athletes also swear by it.”

Dr Mosley continued to list the benefits of beetroot, which include:

Lower blood pressure

Increase stamina

Reduces inflammation

More muscle power

Help maintain a healthy weight

High in fibre and potassium among other essential minerals

Can slow down dementia

He added: “Beetroot [and beet juice] has been proven to improve cognitive performance and there are suggestions consuming beet juice that it could be helpful to keep your brain healthy as you age.”

And it is a good way to boost performance.

“It’s a short, sharp treatment,” Dr Mosley explained.

He recommended consuming around two or three medium sized beetroots a day or taking shots of beetroot juice.

“Knock it back two hours beforehand,” he advised for people doing workouts.

Dr Mosley said: “You can even make beetroot and chocolate brownies.

“It’s not all grim stuff!”

And, he added: “There are also known side effects, apart form pink wee.”

But as with any food, over-eating on beetroot or drinking too much beet juice can lead to other health problems.

Risks of overconsumption can include increased risk of kidney stones due to being high in compound oxalate.

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