Michael Ball weight loss: The two food groups singer banned from diet to slim down

Michael Ball discusses his weight loss in 2018

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Weight loss is not easy but for Michael Ball OBE, he found a diet plan which saw him lose several pounds. The singer who has starred in an array of theatre productions over the years, including Les Misérables, The Phantom of the Opera and Hairspray, has often had to change his weight depending on the role. 

Michael made his West End debut in 1985 playing Marius Pontmercy in the orignal London prodcution of Les Misérables. 

In 1987, he went on to play Raoul in The Phantom of the Opera. 

He has also produced several songs and albums, but for his role as Edna Turnblad in Hairspray, Michael had to gain weight. 

However, there was a moment when he was on stage that he realised his lifestyle needed to change and he went about losing weight. 

During an appearance on Loose Women, Michael explained the changes he had made to shed the pounds. 

He said: “I’ve got myself healthy. 

“I’ve enjoyed it and the obvious advantages like if you go into shops you don’t have to go down to the extendable waist end.” 

He went on to discuss the defining moment which made him evaluate his weight. 

“I was doing some summer gigs and we’ve got enormous screens on either side of the stage.

“I looked up and thought ‘I’m not happy with the way that looks’.

“Like a load of people, it creeps up on you and suddenly you realise ‘I need to look at the lifestyle here. So let’s not drink.’” 

So how did Michael lose weight? He hired a professional dietician. 

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The singer also cut back on unhealthy foods and alcohol. 

Michael was asked whether he went vegan and he replied: “Vegan? Hello? It’s common sense, it’s not drinking.

“The best tip was five hours between each meal so you’re fasting.” 

As for what he eats and drinks over the festive season, to not fall off the weight loss wagon, Michael allows himself one or two treats. 

He said: “I’ve got a nice glass of red for Christmas Day. 

“And I do all the catering so I’ll be providing myself with nice food but being sensible.” 

Another way to help yourself feel fuller for longer is to drink lots of water before a meal. 

Alcohol is one way extra calories can be consumed; a pint of beer is around 208 calories, while a glass of wine is about 83 calories.

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