Megan Barton-Hanson’s ‘extreme’ 800 cal diet ‘detrimental to mental and physical health’

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Megan’s response saw the star open up about disordered eating. She told the fan: “I’ve been really struggling with my body. I got this lean back in Feb/March and not in a healthy way. Now I’ve gained weight by eating a normal amount of cals (1200/1300) and I’m obsessing about it!

“The praise was super nice but also the pressure to maintain that is a lot. I was living on 800/1000 cals a day and working out, it wasn’t sustainable.”

The model addressed comments she faces about her body and said: “It’s tough though, been called fat for years, then the praise for starving myself, it’s hard having so many opinions.”

However, despite the influencer, who boasts 1.6 million followers on Instagram, claiming 1200 to 1300 calories a day is “normal”, the recommended daily amount for women is 2000 and for men it is 2,500.

The former dancer – who has been reported to earn £800,000 a month on raunchy subscription site Only Fans, also recently told how weight loss caused her to have corrective surgery after it left her breast implants wonky.

She said: “Since losing weight my implants looked uneven not how they did in Love Island and I wanted a correction.”

What does a qualified personal trainer make of Megan’s claims?

Sophie Grace Holmes, a fitness trainer and podcast host with almost 50k followers on her Instagram account told that many stars like Megan are tempted “to go to the extremes” with their diets due to pressure.

She said: “With the pressure of social media and to obtain an aesthetic goal, the temptation is to go to the extremes to lose weight, but it’s not sustainable or healthy. It’s been quite a big topic recently seen across the media.

“It’s good to note that having ‘abs’ or being extremely lean is not always a true indication of health, happiness, or fitness. Even though, seemingly, it’s what people seem to be praised for.”

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She fitness expert criticised any quick-fix weight-loss diets and said: “Rapid weight loss can lead to unhealthy habits and relationships with foods which can be detrimental to mental and physical health as well as be a poor influence.

“The goal with weight loss is to be in a calorie deficit that’s healthy and maintainable alongside a form of movement you love such as weight training, building muscle, and feeling strong and within a lifestyle that suits you so it’s a long term change rather than a diet.

“Enjoyment is such a huge factor for it to be long term rather than extreme to lose weight as this can then lead to falling back into unhealthy habits and potentially binging or having a negative relationship around food and training.”

She stressed the fact that rest is as important to fitness as training and working with a professional can be most beneficial.

Sophie said: “Education is key; working alongside qualified coaches can really help change the way you eat and train.

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“You need to adopt a balanced nutrition plan that’s flexible within reason so that you’re enjoying the foods you love, fuelling training and recovery, living your life while getting lots of great nutritionally dense foods every day and losing steadily. It sounds hard but it’s possible with the right support, education, and some discipline.

“This is the same for training, which is why following structure is so important including progressive overload and recovery.

“Overtraining is seen so often, rest and recovery are often underrated when it comes to seeing changes and progress but it’s the magic ingredient to get to your goal, or you’ll end up unwell or injured. Less can be more. But work hard while you train in controlled discomfort.

“I truly believe learning your body and enjoying the process of understanding what works for you while building your mindset is key for long-term success.

“This goes for what we watch, read, listen to, and spend time with all attributes when it comes to weight loss. “Changing the way you view weight loss can be helpful as food is so emotional – such as fueling an active life you love so you can say yes to opportunity.

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“It’s important to lose weight in a sustainable, healthy way so speak to a qualified health professional before making drastic changes to your diet.”

Another former Love Island contestant Molly-Mae Hague’s diet plan and weight is something she has discussed on a number of occasions. 

She recently expressed dissatisfaction with her body as she filmed herself packing for Mexico.

Molly said: “I definitely am not in the shape I want to be (for the trip).”

In August last year, Molly told fans: “I’m on a really strict diet plan at the moment.

“For breakfast, I’m going to be having some cereal. I’ve been having the same breakfast for the last month. It is 30 grams of Coco Pops – an exciting breakfast.”

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