Man reveals the daily weight loss diet meal plan he ate to lose an incredible 13 stone

This man has shared online how he achieved an unbelievable weight loss transformation.

The dieter lost an incredible 13.4 stone.

Reddit user “Memento_Mori_5” revealed the meal plans and exercise routines her used to lose the weight in a series of posts on the sharing shite.

He weighed 25.7 stone before he began his weight loss journey. He nows weighs 13.4 stone and has lost over half his body weight.

Weight loss diet plan: Meal plan man followed to lose an incredible 13 stone

The man overhauled his diet and now works out to maintain his new look.

So what does he eat? He specified his meal plan for impressed internet users.

“Breakfast usually consists of either an apple with some peanut butter, or a vegan protein shake if I go to the gym early,” he wrote.

“Lunch is usually salad with grilled chicken, or just grilled chicken by itself.

“Sometimes if I’m really craving carbs I’ll have a whole wheat wrap with some turkey.

“Dinners are usually more salad, some sort of white meat chicken, sometimes I’ll have turkey or chicken meatballs.

“A lot of vegetables and lean meats. When it comes to fruits and veggies, I don’t worry about carbs as much. Dessert is usually a cup of fruit, and a sugar free Jell-o cup.”

Speaking about his journey he revealed that at first changing his diet was a top priority.

He wrote: “In the beginning it was just the drastic change in my diet.

“Then I bought a fitbit, and started walking. One of the best purchases I ever made.”

He also revealed how he maintains his look with exercise.

The man does a two mile walk in the morning and in the evening, and adds another two mile walk into the day somewhere if he fancies it.

He added: “(I do) weight lifting six days a week at the gym now. Monday, Wednesday, Friday is chest, shoulders, triceps.

“Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday is back and biceps. Leg workouts every now and then. Sunday rest.”

Another Reddit user revealed the weight loss diet plan they used to lose three stone. 

The Reddit user revealed he used “IF combined with keto” to shed the weight.

Before he shed the weight the dieter weighed 14.1st. He now weights a slimmer 11.4st.

His weight loss has had a wonderful side effect, as the man wrote: “Also completely dissolved my issues with anxiety and depressive episodes I had since I was 16.”

So what exactly did he eat? While he has an “occasional pig out day”, the man eats 20g or less a day.

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