Lorraine Kelly weight loss: ITV star’s go-to healthy treat to curb sweet-tooth cravings

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Earlier this year, Lorraine Kelly revealed she had lost a whopping 11lb after following a new diet plan set out by WW (formerly Weight Watchers). Having noticed she had put on weight after the numerous national lockdowns, she decided to do something about it.

Speaking previously to Express.co.uk, the ITV host recalled how she had gone from a size 10 to a size 14 due to a lack of exercise and indulging in more junk food when the country went into lockdown.

So, the 62-year-old decided to join WW to shift the pounds and live a healthier life.

And Lorraine recently shared her go-to healthy snack on her Instagram profile, to help those wanting to satisfy their sweet-tooth.

She captioned the video: “During lockdown, I became a real chocolate fiend. I’d have a massive ‘chocolate plate’ most evenings… no wonder the weight steadily crept on!

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“But since Joining @ww.uk , I’ve learnt there’s clever ways of snacking. Here’s how I now get my fix! It’s SO GOOD!”

In the video, Lorraine could be seen standing at her kitchen island, laden with strawberries and bananas, as she demonstrated the WW’s tasty low calorie chocolate spread – which is only 71 calories per tablespoon.

And it seems it was popular with her fans, as they gushed over her healthy hack to curb those chocolate craving.

Lorraine appears to be feeling much more herself now, as she previously admitted that she began to fear red carpet appearances due to weight gain

But thanks to her new diet plan giving her the confidence she desired, she wowed last month as she stepped out at the TV BAFTA Awards red carpet, sporting a floor-length gold and white gown, having got her “va va voom back”.

Lorraine admitted that her weight had “crept up” when she began comfort eating.

Prior to her weight loss, she explained: “At the moment, if I go out – I mean, I’m not very good at red carpets anyway – but say there was a big event…

“I would be kind of ‘hmm’,” she said, while slumping her shoulders with an unsure expression.

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“And the last thing I went to, there was a big do just before Christmas, and I couldn’t get into – obviously my red dress is my go-to dress – and I couldn’t get it over my head.

“But I thought, ‘well that’s ok,’ so I ended up wearing a really nice black dress and I looked fine, but I really, really didn’t feel fine.”

She admitted she didn’t feel “amazing, beautiful, and confident”.

“I know that other people were looking at me going, ‘What’s she going on about? She looks ok!'” Lorraine said.

“But it’s really about you. And I was feeling kind of tired.

“It’s about losing your shine, losing your sparkle. I just felt really tired and a bit dimmed, honestly.”

Lorraine acknowledged that’s a feeling shared by many from time to time.

“Just because I have to be on the telly doesn’t mean to say that I don’t feel not-as-confident on some days,” she shrugged.

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