Lisa Riley weight loss: Emmerdale actress used this simple diet trick to shed 12 stone

Soap fans will recognise Lisa Riley as Emmerdale’s Mandy Dingle. The actress has been on screen for over years, after joining the ITV show in 1995. She left in 2001, however, later returned in 2019. Recently she’s caught attention for something other than her acting skills. The 43-year-old has gone through an amazing weight loss transformation, losing an incredible 12st and dropping seven dress sizes. Lisa – who has gone from a dress size 28 to a size 14 – has been showing off her weight loss in some gorgeous outfits. And it hasn’t gone unnoticed by fans, with many flooding her Instagram photos with comments.

Lisa Riley weight loss: Emmerdale actress used this simple diet trick to shed 12 stone – what is it?

So how did she do it?

The actress relied on a simple trick to slim down.

At the beginning of her weight loss journey, Lisa watched her portion sizes by eating out of bowls.

She said: “I had made myself fat by gorging on bread, crisps, crumpets and red wine.

“Once I accepted responsibility for my health, weight and lifestyle it made it easier to take control. You don’t have to have starter, main and pudding.”

She added to The Mirror: “If you are doing that you are eating too much.”

Last year, the actress brought out her book Honesty Diet, where she shares some of her healthy recipes and how she keeps on top of her weight loss.

Alongside diet, Lisa added exercise to her lifestyle, working out for a minimum of 30 minutes a day.

She recently shared a clip of her workout regime while on a cruise with Strictly Come Dancing.

She captioned the video, which showed her sweating as she worked out on a machine: “So here I am doing what I do best working out HARD.”

Within seconds, fans rushed to comment on the video as they praised her on her impressive fitness journey.

“You really are enjoying exercise,” one said.

“Wow you are so beautiful,” another added.

Clearly inspired by Lisa’s exercise routine, a third commented: “I’m going to my pilates class in half hour can’t wait. I’ll be sweating lol.”

Another soap star who has also seen a weight loss transformation is Lisa’s Emmerdale co-star Natalie J Robb.

The 44-year-old who plays Moira Dingle (also Barton) on the soap has lost some weight over the years, which she credits to hours of filming on the show.

Speaking in an interview with the Daily Star, she said: “We were working so much we were flat out, in sometimes 10 to 12 scenes a day.

“You forget to eat. I have been just watching what I eat and stuff like that.

“I’ve not been training and not had time to train.”

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