Laura Hamilton weight loss: A Place in the Sun star used this diet plan to shed 5st

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Laura Hamilton’s weight loss hasn’t gone unnoticed by viewers after she lost a whopping five stone after having her two children. The 38-year-old has since spoken out about what method she used to lose weight and how she now maintains her slim physique.

The television presenter said she was first inspired to lose weight and tone up after having her two children, Rocco and Tahlia.

She instructed the help of personal trainer John Beeby to help her lose weight as well as make strict cuts to her diet – including sugar.

“I cut out a lot of sugar and carbs and since then I’ve tried to stick to a low sugar diet,” Laura told

The presenter explained how the first days of her diet were extremely hard because sugar is very addictive.

Eating too much sugar can have many negative health effects and the daily recommended sugar limit is between 25g and 36g.

The mum-of-two told how she replaced sugary foods with nuts which gave her more energy.

Nuts including almonds contain healthy fats, fibre, protein, magnesium and vitamin E, all of which make a great snack for weight loss.

Laura previously told “It’s so hard trying to balance it all as a working mum and I find if I book regular classes or gym sessions in, I find I stick to it just as I would a work appointment.”

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The presenter explained how she also used online workouts to stay fit which helped her lose weight.

She continued: “If you don’t have access to a gym you can find some great workout ideas online…A thirty minute workout at home when the children are in bed is something I might do if I haven’t managed to work out during the day.”

Laura also shared how she carries resistance bands in her handbag because they are lightweight and compact which means if you have spare time when you’re out and about, you can still exercise.

She released her own fitness app in 2016 called Laura Hamilton’s Total Body Workout which includes lots of high intensity interval training to get the heart pumping.

She told Metro last year that she uses a fitness watch to help keep track of her fitness.

She said: “I use a FitBit…I always love to monitor my heart rate and sleep patterns.”

Laura also explained how she likes to use it to track her steps as they can really add up throughout the day.

The presenter often posts photos on Instagram which document her weight loss journey.

A couple of months ago, Laura revealed how she was working with a swimwear brand called Curvy Kate and fans were quick to comment on her slender frame and weight loss.

She often posts home workouts on her feed too, and encouraged her followers to workout at home when the UK was in strict lockdown.

From one TV star to another, Coronation Street’s Colson Smith who plays Craig Tinker has recently revealed his whopping 10 stone weight loss transformation.

Colson’s body transformation is tied in with his storyline on Coronation Street, as Craig battles with his weight on the show.

His on-screen character is a policeman who has taken up running after finding out that he was out of breath whilst chasing criminals.

Throughout lockdown, Colson was exercising at home and encouraging people to take up running and weight lifting and revealed that he lost nearly 10 stone from running and eating healthy food.

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