Keto diet: Expert’s top ketogenic foods to help you lose weight – healthy fats and dairy

Keto diet: Rob Hobson suggests tips for meal preparation

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The keto diet has become very popular in recent years and requires slimmers to reduce their carbohydrate intake and replace it with fat. One expert has shared some top ketogenic foods that are ideal while following the plan.

Research commissioned by SlimFast, shows that over half of the nation put healthy eating on the back burner during the first national lockdown.

However during this period, the keto diet became the most searched for diet term on Google, and it quickly came the nation’s go-to-lifestyle for tackling any lockdown weight gains.

The research also discovered that many people fear that the keto diet is difficult to stick to as well as having concerns about the lack of food.

Speaking to, Nutritionist Rob Hudson, shared how the plan works as well as some healthy foods suitable for keto followers.

He said: “Fat doesn’t necessarily make you fat and it’s a misconception that all fats are bad for you.  

“We’re actively encouraged to choose healthy fats in our diet which includes monounsaturated and polyunsaturated found in olive oil, oily fish, avocado, nuts and seeds.  

“These fats have been shown to benefit health in many ways such as helping to reduce inflammation in the body, increasing HDL (good) cholesterol and lowering non-HDL (bad) cholesterol which is good for your heart.   

“After eating carbohydrates, the body releases a hormone called insulin to help balance out blood sugar levels.”

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Foods like bread and pasta are not considered keto friendly because they are carbohydrates.

Rob added: “ Highly refined carbohydrate foods such as white bread, pasta and sugar have a much greater impact on blood sugar levels and the effect of insulin can cause a sudden crash in energy levels leading to a hunger for more similar food.  

“Fat is digested in a different way and is not only more satiating but keeps you fuller for a longer amount of time which is useful when you’re trying to lose weight.”

The reduction in carbs puts the body into a state known as ketosis, meaning the body burns stored fat when it does not have enough energy. 

When following the keto diet, some people may be fearful of consuming high levels of meat, cheese and eggs. 

However, the nutritionist revealed that there are also a lot more options available for slimmers, as well as for vegans and vegetarians. 

He said: “These foods are high in fat and protein which form the backbone of the keto diet but there are options for plant-based eaters whether that’s veggie or vegan.  

“Plant based options for ketosis include vegan full-fat ‘dairy’ (coconut yoghurt, vegan butter, cashew cheese, vegan cream cheese), vegan proteins such as soy products (tofu, soy milk and tempeh) and nut butters including peanut, cashew, almond and sunflower. 

“Coconut products are also a good option and include coconut milk, coconut cream and unsweetened coconut.“

Someone following the keto diet is likely to lose weight faster than if they were to follow another diet, according to the expert.

Rob explained: “There are many studies that show how the ketogenic diet can help you to lose weight and improve your health in many other ways.  

“Initially people tend to lose more weight and body fat more quickly than a traditional low-fat diet and while this difference in weight loss seems to disappear over time it can still be very motivating when people experience these initial results.  

“Many experts would agree that the ketogenic diet is not harmful, and research has shown how it’s safe for significantly overweight or obese people. 

“The keto diet is probably best followed short-term to help you achieve your weight loss goals before returning to a normal way of eating. The keto diet is not suitable for people with underlying kidney or liver health issues.”

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