Jeremy Clarkson weight loss: The Grand Tour star lost two stone by taking up this exercise

Jeremy Clarkson will return to TV screens tonight as host of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire. The former Top Gear presenter, who left the BBC show under a cloud of controversy, now fronts Amazon Prime series The Grand Tour with Top Gear alumni and BFF’s Richard Hammond and James May. Jeremy, 59, recently spoke publicly about his recent two stone weight loss. Aside from giving up smoking, he cited one particular fitness habit which has seen him slim down – but what is it?

Jeremy claims cycling for three kilometres a day helped him shed weight and get into shape.

He told the ITV Jonathan Ross show: “I went on a gap year to Indochina. They just have a better diet out there.

“Plus I had a bicycle rather than a car.”

Yet he revealed that, perhaps as a result of not having the right accessories or being unfamiliar on a bike for so long, he did suffer injuries.

He added: “Cycling is not a good thing to do, I’m all broken as a result of it but I did lose a lot of weight.

“Where I was staying was separated from the small town by a mountain.

“It was only three kilometres and I cycled every day.

“I said, ‘I can’t have a drink unless I cycle into town.’ I wanted to get fit.”

Therefore anyone wishing to take up the sport should make sure they have the adequate and proper equipment beforehand.

Yet it appears he is enthusiastic about both the sport, and the environment.

In his recent YouTube podcast, the motormouth presenter raged: “These are trees that the Mayor of London wants to pull down to make way for a cycle lane.

“The man is obviously deranged, you can’t pull trees down so you can cycle.”

Jeremy opened up recently about how giving up smoking had made him “fat”.

The Doncaster-born presenter later revealed eating lots of lettuce had helped him slim down.

Speaking to journalists from the Sun he said: “I had salad for lunch and water.

“But I had a salad nicoise and a glass of water. I lost two stone last year.”

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