Jane McDonald weight loss: Star drops 4st by giving up just one thing – ‘feel fantastic’

Jane McDonald discusses changing her diet in 2016

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Queen of the Seas Jane McDonald is a household name, with many Britons tuning in to Cruising with Jane McDonald since it started in 2017. But while Jane’s love of cruising has never changed, her body certainly has, with the star almost unrecognisable after losing 4st.

The cruise star revealed in 2016 that she had lost a substantial amount of weight.

She said: “I’ve been like this for a year now. I went on Sugar Free Farm for ITV.

“I didn’t think I was overweight when I went in there, but I changed my diet.

“I just feel so much better – I’ve got a lot more energy, I look better and I feel fantastic.”

The TV show required celebrities – including Jane – to go completely cold turkey on sugar for two whole weeks while working and living on a farm.

The show’s nutritionist Angelique Panagos divulged that there “wasn’t a single grain of sugar available during their stay”.

This intense rule aimed to help the celebrities improve their behaviours around sugar and sugary foods.

So is that the secret to Jane’s incredible transformation? She believes yes.

In conversation with Gaby Roslin on Lorraine, she said: “And that’s just by cutting out sugar from my diet.”

On the show the star revealed that giving up sugar was “feeding her soul”.

She told This Morning that in those two weeks her tastebuds were “educated”.

However, it was no easy feat, as altogether the six celebs consumed a whopping 800lb of sugar per year.

Participants had to overcome several challenges including drinking a “ghastly” green smoothie to reset their tastebuds.

In addition to banning sugar from her diet, Jane kept extremely active with intense choreography for her tour.

Indeed, she is still carrying this on in 2022 with her current tour, with venues ranging from Leeds Grand Theatre to Perth Concert Hall.

Speaking about her dancers back in 2016, Jane stated: “The two girl singer/dancers Sarah and Gina are just phenomenal.

“They’ve made me up my game a little bit now because when you’re looking at someone you know you could have given birth to, Gaby, you’re just thinking, ‘better sort myself out here’.”

The dancing, Jane said, was very “Supremes”, lots of hip shaking and footwork.

Speaking about her weight loss she explained that she used to eat too much of the wrong things.

In doing this she wasn’t fuelling her body but actually making herself crave more.

Losing the weight meant being strict with herself, reportedly cutting down her red wine consumption to just one glass a week.

She also stocked up on healthy foods such as protein-rich lean meat and fibrous veggies to keep her full.

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