‘I was so mortified’: Woman loses 14st after ‘uncomfortable’ plane situation – simple diet

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Kayla Lavende is a Barbie obsessed designer living in Las Vegas, the United States. After going through an incredible body transformation she finally achieved her ideal Barbie figure. But how did she do it?

Kayla shared with Express.co.uk the exact moment she realised she urgently needed to lose weight.

She explained: “My whole life I yo-yo dieted but three and a half years ago I went on a plane and I needed two seats and a seatbelt extender.

“I was so mortified.

“That was when I decided I needed to get control of my weight once and for all.”

Documenting her transformation on social media, she explained: “The day I hit my lowest point…

“I needed two seats and a seatbelt extender on a plane.

“I was so upset and uncomfortable. I never want to feel like that again.”

To lose weight, Kayla admitted she cut down on a couple of things.

“I followed a high protein low carb/ sugar diet.

“I cut out all fast and processed foods. No bread, pasta, rice or any carbs and no sweets.”

High protein, low carb diets are very effective as they encourage weight loss while maintaining or increasing muscle mass.

Apart from following a healthy and balanced diet, Kayla started a fitness routine based on running and gym workout sessions.

“I now work out every day!

“I start my morning with a jog and I love the gym,” she said.

Kayla admitted her life has drastically changed since her weight loss journey started.

“I feel so appreciative to be living a life without restrictions.

“A whole new world has opened up for me,” she said.

“I was never lacking in the confidence department.

“However, I do feel free, structured, disciplined, focused and stronger.

“Those are all new feelings,” she admitted.

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