Home workout: Best exercises to burn fat – 15 minute plan

Gemma Collins says she has the ‘buzz’ for exercise

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With gyms reopening on April 12 as part of Boris Johnson’s roadmap out of lockdown, many may still feel uncomfortable heading back into one. Home workouts have become increasingly popular within the last year and an expert has shared a simple workout routine that can help slimmers lose weight as well as build nice and strong. 

Exercising is a crucial part of keeping healthy and it can reduce the risk of developing several diseases. 

Regular activity can have immediate and long-term benefits and hitting 10,000 steps every day is a target for some.

Speaking to Express.co.uk, Arend Wissing, Owner of Torpedo Europe, shared a quick and easy home workout routine.

The expert said: “To get the best results and most success from working out at home you need to focus on movements that will build strength and movements that will help with conditioning.

“Luckily, you will not need any equipment to build strength and conditioning from home although a kettlebell and/or dumbbell might come in handy.

“Do not overthink it, stick to the best-known movements. Press up, pull up or weighted row, sit up, squat and Lunges and all their variations are all you need to build strength and metabolic conditioning (cardio).”

It is also super important to keep hydrated when working out and adults should aim for between two to three litres a day.

Water has many benefits and science suggests it can help to suppress appetite, boost your metabolism, and make exercise easier.

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Strength workout: Five rounds

Eight press ups at tempo (Three count down and three count up)

Followed by 10 sit ups – slow and controlled.

Rest for a minute and a half between rounds then do five rounds of:

10 squats at tempo (five count down and five count up)

Followed by 20 lunges

Rest for one minute in between rounds.

Using the same movements for a high intensity cardio workout can look like this:

Take 15 min to complete as many rounds as possible of the following with little to no rest until the end of the 15 min.

Cardio workout: One round

Three push ups

Six sit ups

Nine squats

12 lunges

The expert added: “The way to look at working out at home is to keep it simple and fun. Mastering the basics like the above movements is so much more effective than trying to waste time and energy on complex movements from a workout DVD.”

With the country reopening and many looking to shift some weight, Arend explained that to be losing fat, you need to eat less calories than you burn.

This is known as a calorie deficit.

The expert explained: “You might not want to hear this, but no workout system can fight a bad diet… the secret to losing fat is by eating less calories than you burn.

“Yes, unfortunately, it’s true, if you want to lose fat, you need to eat less high fat, high sugar, calorie-dense foods.

“By cooking your own food instead of ordering your fave takeaway. Keep it simple, stir fry’s, curries and the odd spag bol are cheap and easy to make.

“If you know you need help to stay on track, find a friend to join you or look at online options like Alchemy. Anywhere that has a variety of workouts that you can follow along with, from strength to conditioning and even yoga sessions. This app along with the Torpedo is a great way to get back fighting fit for the summer.”

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