Fans praise Princess Charlene as she attends Coronation

Charlene, Princess of Monaco, 45, appears to have lost a significant amount of weight recently, some royal fans have pointed out. The Princess attended King Charles’s Coronation in a form-fitting beige dress on Saturday and looked fantastic.

In addition, on Friday evening Charlene attended a pre-Coronation dinner where she wore a one-shoulder top with matching pale blue trousers which fans adored.

Royal watchers took to social media to discuss Charlene’s change in figure.

Another fan, @lydiakdani wrote: “One of the things that I like about Princess Charlene is that she never tries to hide her shoulders in order to look like certain body standards.

“By the way she usually picks her clothes, she’s surely proud of them and they’re part of her athletic achievements that everyone can easily notice.”

Princess Charlene was an Olympic swimmer in the late 1990s and early 2000s, which explains her athletic build.

Recently, the Princess of Monaco has appeared to lose quite a bit of weight.

Princess Charlene has acknowledged that her frequent travel to events all around the world makes it difficult for her to maintain a routine with her diet.

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At royal functions, where the Princess is unable to choose her food, she makes an effort to select the healthier selections, she’s previously said.

“I try to eat a lot of fish and fresh fruit and vegetables. And I drink a lot of water – it’s important to stay hydrated,” the 45-year-old told Women’s Health South Africa.

The royal, who is said to follow a pescatarian diet according to reports, asserted that she keeps herself physically healthy by regularly ingesting a lot of fish, fresh fruits, and vegetables, as well as drinking a lot of water.

The formerly competitive swimmer now spends her days travelling across Monaco and the globe for various royal events.

According to Women’s Health South Africa, she is not a major fan of the gym.

Despite this, Charlene is physically fit and has visible muscles in her shoulders, arms and legs.

The Princess has also made statements regarding occasionally indulging in sugary sweets.

It’s important for people to not be “too strict” with themselves, according to Princess Charlene of Monaco.

Charlene still likes swimming in the water in 2023. For instance, she has gone on record to say she always goes to the swimming pool first when she checks into a hotel.

The Princess of Monaco also engages in stand-up paddle boarding, which is great for strengthening your arms, shoulders, and core.

This may explain why her shoulders are so strong and Charlene is unafraid to show them up.

Through her nonprofit organisation, Charlene, a mother of twins, teaches swimming and CPR to children all over the world.

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