Debbie Rush spills secret behind losing 4 dress sizes in 4 months – ‘weight dropped off!’

'Anna Windass' bids farewell to Coronation Street in 2018

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Debbie Rush has become somewhat a weight loss phenomenon over the years, after she underwent a dramatic transformation that saw her lose an incredible four dress sizes in four months. But how did she do it?

Debbie became a firm fan-favourite when she joined Coronation Street in 2008 as frumpy Anna Windass.

But over the years, she let the pounds creep on and her weight soared to just over 11st.

Debbie previously revealed she was “horrified” and “depressed” at how much weight she had gained and after some paparazzi photos surfaced of her one summer, the actress decided enough was enough.

She said: “After seeing some awful photos of my bulging and bloated figure I knew I’d really let myself go, I was so ashamed of my belly. I was in tears.

“It was so big I couldn’t see my feet and being short in height I was turning into a little barrel! I knew I had to do something about it.”

So she ditched the baggy cardigans and tracksuits – a dress sense she and her character appeared to share on and off the show – and dropped from a size 16 to a size eight.

And it was all down to trying out exercise for the very first time in her life and giving her diet a complete overhaul.

And by following a “sensible and steady” diet plan, the mum-of-three saw the pounds fall off.

She revealed she now lives by a “no-nonsense” mix of training methods and eating habits to ensure she doesn’t over-eat.

She said: “I’ve been using a simple no-nonsense mix of cardio and body weight exercises like the plank and press ups that really work.”

And it seems she’s very committed, even opting for slimmer options over calorie-loaded alcoholic drinks when she goes out.

“I’ve swapped beer for vodka and slimline tonic when I go out,” she said.

“I’ve tackled my eating habits and ditched Corrie’s gorgeous canteen cooking – no more hot pots for me!

“I’ve swapped chocolate, chips with curry sauce and desserts for healthier veggie crudités or olives, and I’m eating smaller portions.”

Debbie works out three times a week, using a full range of exercises to keep her body in shape, including cardio and strength training to tone up muscle.

She eplained she had turned to athlete Andy Titterall (an ex-rugby international) for help, and showed her a routine she could do from the comfort of her own at home.

“I’ve been doing my workout three times a week for over four months now, and the weight has really dropped off,” she said.

“I’m confident it will stay off too because I’ve been slimming down over a sensible, steady period.”

Following her hugely successful transformation, Debbie released her own workout DVD in 2011.

She revealed it was “surprisingly easy” to get her figure back once she put her mind to it and really committed to changing the way she looked.

The TV star added: “Now I want to share my exercise secrets and show other real women just like me how to blitz away their body bulge!

“This workout can help you wear the clothes you really want, with results that last.”

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