Danny Dyer weight loss: EastEnders star details new fitness regime and unique yoga poses

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Danny Dyer first rose to fame with his role as Moff in Human Traffic but he became a household name when EastEnders snapped him up to play Mick Carter. When his daughter, Dani Dyer went onto Love Island in 2018 and won the series with Jack Fincham, the Dyers were thrust into the limelight once more. Last year, the soap star decided to overhaul his life and lose weight, revealing his home gym set up and favourite yoga position during a podcast episode. 

Danny has always been typecast in hard-man roles from film to television and stage. 

Having previously turned down the role in 2009, Danny signed up to BBC One’s EastEnders and went onto win Best Serial Drama Performance at the National Television Awards in 2015, 2016 and 2019. 

In 2019, he also began presenting the BBC game show The Wall. 

More recently, alongside playing Mick, the actor was spotted in Westcliff filming the celebrity edition of Antiques Road Trip. 

Having more time than ever before in his busy filming schedule, Danny decided to lose weight last year. 

Danny, who appears on the Spotify podcast Sorted with the Dyers with daughter Dani, explained his new fitness regime. 

“I’ve just built a nice gym in the summer house. I need to start running…we’ve got a running machine, I need to get a nice bike,” he said. 

Dani interrupted with a suggestion for another piece of gym equipment: “Rowing machine?” 

“A nice rack of – no let’s not get rowing machines, too much hard work,” Danny remarked. “And some dumbbells.” 

“Dad, you’re not a gym person, you’ve never been to the gym,” Dani said. 

The actor explained: “I’m in my forties, I need to start looking after myself and take my cups down of my breast. I want to go down a cup. 

“Maybe it will give me an incentive.” 

“I don’t think it will,” his daughter said. 

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Danny went onto explain the home gym set-up: “At the front is our podcast studio and out the back is for running and sweating up – it’s exciting times in the Dyer compound.” 

Dani then revealed how her mother and Danny’s wife, Joanne Mas was a fan of Bikram yoga. 

But Danny preferred yin yoga. 

“I wear a tiny little pair of shorts but I prefer yin yoga where you don’t get up,” the soap star said. 

“Every move is on the floor and every pose if four minutes long, it’s all about stretching your muscles.

“My favourite is the dead frog, you sort of lay on the floor as if you’ve been run over, like the recovery position, it’s all candlelit.

“It’s about controlling the brain, that’s what yoga is it’s doesn’t really keep you fit although it helps your internal organs and stuff but it’s about controlling your mind in 45 degrees heat,” Danny added. 

What is Yin Yoga? 

While “yang” yoga focuses on muscles, yin yoga targets deep connective tissues. 

It is a slower and more mediative, giving space to turn inward and tune into both mind and the physical sensations of the body. 

Because yin yoga poses are half for a longer period of time than other traditional types of yoga, it helps stretch and lengthen those rarely-used tissues which teaching you how to breath through discovery and sit with your thoughts.  

Yin yoga instructor Stefanie Arend told mgbmovement: “A yin yoga sequence has a very similar effect on our energies as an acupuncture treatment.” 

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