Camilla fitness: Duchess practices ‘completely brilliant’ ballet workout with £129.99 tool

Prince Charles and Camilla are the ‘big guns’ says Myers

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The Duchess of Cornwall has revealed she uses one particular tool to take extra care of her health. Camilla, like many other Britons, enjoys wearing a FitBit watch. This has reportedly helped the 74-year-old royal keep fit and healthy.

The royal was first seen wearing it during an appearance in Wiltshire in 2020.

It is clearly living up to her expectations, as Camilla has been seen wearing it ever since.

She was most recently seen with it when she and her husband Prince Charles toured the Middle East last month, visiting Jordan and Egypt.

Last year, Camilla was seen teaming her fitness tracker with an electric blue summer dress, which featured a pleated skirt, three quarter length sleeves and a smart neckline, along with her go-to pearl earrings and her trusty tan court shoes.

More recently, Camilla was seen wearing her FitBit watch in the Middle East with her pastel-coloured dresses, delicate gold bracelets and necklaces, and more pearl earrings.

While it’s not known which fitness tracker Camilla uses, the Duchess appears to be wearing the rose gold and grey FitBit Charge 3, which retails for £129.99.

This is swim-proof and water-resistant and automatically recognises exercises like runs, swims, elliptical, sports and more.

It also tracks and counts steps on walks, which the Duchess has previously said she’s a big fan of.

The most affordable and inexpensive FitBit is the Fitbit Inspire 2, which retails for £40 on La Redoute.

No doubt Camilla will be using her exercise tracker for her ballet sessions at home, which she reportedly does for 20 minutes every morning.

Previously, Prince Charles’ wife opened up about her love of ballet when speaking on the Emma Barnett Show on BBC Radio 5 Live.

The Duchess herself revealed she used ballet to stay fit during lockdown.

She told listeners she was inspired by seeing the “completely brilliant” Silver Swans class for elderly ballet dancers during a visit to the Royal Academy of Dance in 2018 with the initiative’s ambassador Angela Rippon.

“I gathered together a group of likely candidates in the form of friends, same age as me.

“I said: ‘Look, you know, we’re going to be Silver Swans.’

“They all howled with laughter and said: ‘You must be joking.’

“So I said: ‘Come on let’s give it a go’.

“So we all arrived in our black leggings and T-shirts ready for the dance.

“We did think we’d be getting in complete hysterics, but we all had to concentrate.

“We concentrated so hard you don’t dare look to the left or right.

“I did hear the odd crash to my left and right,” Camilla joked.

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