Best weight loss: This diet plan can help you shed fat fast – what can you eat?

Using a structured diet plan can seem like the easiest way to stay on track while trying to slim down. With so many plans to choose from, knowing which one will work the best can be tricky. One plan claims it can not only speed up the metabolism, but it can help burn belly fat fast. Following an intermittent fasting plan can be the best way to shape up and there are different versions of this diet on offer.

Best weight loss: Intermittent fasting diet plan can help you burn belly fat fast

What can you eat?

The intermittent fasting diet plan is based on eating only at certain times of the day and completely fasting for the remaining hours.

Slimmers can choose what hours they want to eat, but popular versions of this plan include fasting for 16-hours of each day or fasting for an entire 24 hours one day each week.

Those who choose to follow intermittent fasting daily are required to eat all of their meals within an eight hour window, such as between 10am and 6pm and 12pm and 8pm, and they must fast for the remaining time.

Another popular version of the diet is the 5:2 diet. On this, dieters restrict their calorie intake to 500-calories for two days of the week, and eat normally for the other five days.

How does it work?

By eating less often, dieters are naturally meant to have a reduced appetite which can help them slim down.

Doing this can help slimmers boost their metabolism by up to 14 per cent, according to research published on the US National Library of Medicine.

Another study from 2014 found those who followed intermittent fasting had a three to eight per cent weight loss over three to 24 weeks.

What’s more, the people in the study lost up to seven per cent of their waist circumference, meaning the plan helped them flatten their abs.

As well as losing fat, another study showed the body managed to retain a high amount of muscle mass despite losing weight.

For those hoping to target a specific area of their body, eating a diet high in protein is thought to burn belly fat.

By following a plan high in protein and low in carbs can help slimmers get a flat stomach quickly. 

Certain exercises can also be used to help target belly fat, an expert revealed.

Doing resistance training and cardio can help slim down the frame. 

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