Best exercises to do in the heat to ‘burn more calories’ – ‘can be beneficial’

Expert explains why enjoying exercise is important

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Many like to take to the outdoors when the sun is shining but it’s not always enjoyable to run in when it’s scorchingly hot. Even in a gym, the air-con system might not be able to keep a person as cool as they might like.

Instead, a personal trainer has provided advice and suggested some alternatives for working out in the heat.

She noted that for some activities, the heat can be advantageous.

Activities such as hot yoga can be useful for boosting weight loss and improving overall fitness.

And according to a 2014 study, just one session of yoga in the heat is enough to get the heart pumping at the same rate as a brisk walk.

The extra heat element for both yoga and pilates has been found to also challenge people’s focus and mental strength.

“This can be beneficial as it helps to elevate your heart rate,” Lesley explained.

“This then burns more calories because your body is trying to regulate your internal temperatures.

“Just make sure you undertake exercise safely and listen to your body.”

She also recommended that short bursts of exercise are better in the heat rather than long sessions.

“You can still do your workout, just try doing short bursts of it as they are much better than long ones,” she said of both outside and inside training.

“Hot weather combined with exercise puts more stress on the body and sometimes less is more.”

She also pointed out that people should focus on the number of days they workout rather than the time it takes them to complete a session.

“If you usually workout an hour, cutting it down to 30 minutes will still have positive benefits,” Lesley said.

“Rather than focusing on the time you spend in the gym or how long you run for, remember what matters the most is the number of days you exercise.

“And for those of you who have time, you can also split your sessions to twice a day in order to allow the body to rest,” she added.

While people push themselves to the limit to try and beat their personal bests and get the very most out of their workout, in the heat this can be dangerous.

Lesley warned people to be wary of exercise-related heat exhaustion, caused by the body’s temperature rising above normal.

This can happen both outside and in the gym.

To avoid this, she suggested when training outside to avoid the hottest parts of the day, as studies have proven that in some cases people “won’t work as hard” in hot weather because their bodies are already working overtime to keep cool.

Exercising in the early hours of the day has many other advantages as it can also help boost metabolism.

“If you’re working out outside, try and find a shaded area that will not only protect you from the sun but take the edge off the heat too,” she said.

“Try interval training or circuits instead of one long continuous session.

“This type of training gives the body time to rest and cool down.

“And don’t forget to drink water to avoid dehydration.”

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