Best exercise: This simple workout plan can help burn fat fast according to expert

When losing weight, many people will want to tone up the body and build muscle. Speaking to, Krissy Cela revealed the exercise moves that can help slimmers burn fat and tone up. What can you do?


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Fitting a workout into a busy schedule can be a challenge but using the right moves can save a lot of time.

Choosing exercises that target the entire body will lead to quick results for those hoping to lose a few pounds, the expert revealed.

Krissy said: “Strength training is a must and compound movements.

“Now everyone is super busy, if you can limit the amount of time you spend in the gym it’s better for everyone.”

Strength training involves using resistance to build muscle and burn fat.

Although gym bunnies will use weights to give resistance, many strength training and compound movements can be done at home using body weight.

Krissy explained compound exercises are those that target the entire body at one time.

She added: “By incorporating compound movements like squats and deadlifts you’re working multiple movements all at once and saving time.”

As well as working up a sweat in the gym, those hoping to improve their fitness should try and improve their flexibility.

“You do need to have some form of stretching in your routine,” Krissy added.

“If you’re not, it’s going to show in the future when you’re feeling so and joints are in pain. Strength and resistance training adds so much pressure.”

Compound movements can help dieters lose weight quickly but they must use the right form.


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Although this can require some extra time and patience, the correct form will ultimately give better results, Krissy suggested.

She said: “Going to the gym can be scary. You can’t expect someone to come into something and be perfect at something.

“You need to make sure that you’re form is great and you need to make sure you’re building your core strength. It takes time.”

When trying to get into shape, the best results can be achieved by mixing exercise with a healthy diet plan.

The expert told “I think nutrition is more important than exercise. What you’re putting into your body is by far the most important tool you will ever have.

“Food is so overlooked, people think they can workout and eat what they want.

“You need to put micronutrients into your body to help you glow from within for it to show on the outside. For me, food is way more important.”

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