Alan Halsall weight loss: One of soap star’s preferred methods to burn calories fast

Alan Halsall and Tisha Merry enjoy Dominican Republic holiday

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Coronation Street actor Alan Halsall, stunned fans with a topless holiday photo a few years back, which led to people wondering how he transformed his body. His weight loss has been a subtle journey, but his results are more than noticeable now.

So how did he do it?

Alan regularly shares photos of himself at the gym on his social media, explaining that his workouts have contributed to losing some weight and toning up.

It became apparent that the Tyrone Dobbs actor began shaping up during his marriage to former co-star and then-wife Lucy-Jo Hudson.

Now, he revealed that he works out with his current girlfriend and former Corrie co-star Tisha Merry, who played waitress Steph Britton on Coronation Street for three years.

They met on the set of the ITV soap in 2013.

Alan previously told OK!: “I’d really got into hot yoga and someone mentioned that Tisha was going to the same studio so I thought we could go together.”

Hot yoga has risen in popularity over the years and has been said to help promote faster weight loss than if done in a normal environment.

According to the Hot Yoga Spot website, the higher temperature increases people’s heart rates.

This then leads to more calories being burned through the course of the workout, assisting with a faster progression of weight loss over time.

Oregon yoga director, Jody Kurilla, told Healthline: “The idea is if you’re sweating a lot, the session is too difficult.

“You can be lightly sweating, but if your breathing or your heart rate starts to go up, you’re supposed to take a break.”

A 2014 study conducted by the Colorado State University’s lead researcher Brian Tracy established that on average, men burn around 460 calories while women burn 330 calories during a hot yoga class.

While on holiday in Ibiza in 2018, his impressive abs caught the attention of his followers with them wanting to know his weight loss “secrets”.

He regularly shares snaps in hikes and at the gym, and also worked with a personal trainer.

Speaking about his fitness regime, Alan explained: “I’ve had a PT (personal trainer) for about four/five months. I’ve been coming to the gym for a few years now.

“I’ve transformed a little bit myself and people have seen that.

“I like to come (to the gym). I have a pre-workout meal, I work out, then I have a post-workout meal or a swim and a steam,” he told The Sun.

When losing weight, it’s important to find a balance between diet and physical activity, as both work in harmony with each other.

Specific activities burn more calories than others, so it is recommended to choose wisely depending on people’s own future goals.

Not only does the soap actor lift weights, but he also completes a 2.5k run with two minutes of walking to warm up before he begins.

His other top cardio choices are 2.5 miles of cycling, 2.5k of rowing, and 2.5k on the cross trainer.

According to Healthline, just 30 minutes of rowing can see someone burn up to 255 calories.

In comparison, 30 minutes of walking can burn around 130 calories.

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