Activity behind Emmerdale star James Hooton’s dramatic new look – burn up to 400 calories

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James Hooton, 49, left fans stunned after sharing a dramatic body transformation snap back in 2018, and it appears he’s kept up the hard work. The Emmerdale actor looked worlds away from his character Sam Dingle, who he has played for over 20 years.

The topless photo was posted to his official Twitter account, where he debuted his rock-hard abs and toned biceps.

Posing with a smile splashed across his face, he caption the post: “Session complete!”

He added a humorous hashtag that read: “Everything aches.”

Looking unrecognisable, the star took viewers and even his co-stars by surprise.

Former co-star Anthony Quinlan replied: “Yes mate! Looking good.”

Jamie Shelton commented: “Shredded mate. Looking good!”

Danny Miller joked: “What’s this app called bro??”

And it turns out his hard work is all down to one activity.

James replied, joking that the toned snap did him a lot of favours, explaining: “Mate, is an overly flattering pic [to be fair]. And it was after a mega sesh at the climbing wall.

“Good lighting, good angle. Not complaining!”

Good lighting or not, James has kept at it and has continued on his health kick.

He has also taken up jogging, revealing to his fans that he often runs a couple of miles.

The TV star even celebrated his 49th birthday with a climbing season.

Sharing a smiling snap to Instagram, he beamed at the camera with the climbing wall in the background as he said: “49 today! Finished work early and straight to the climbing lab for a circuit board session!”

Rock citing has long been an adrenaline sport, favoured for the exciting and challenging aspects that come with it.

Including both strength and cardio training, it tones the body therefore getting rid of unwanted body fat.

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It can be a great workout to help people improve their fitness, get in shape, and lose some weight.

Not only that, but it can burn a ton of calories too.

According to Scoutorama, people who engage in an hour of climbing can burn about 400-500 calories.

If a person burns over 400 calories per hour by rock climbing a few days per week, domino this alongside a dietician recommended calorie deficit of 500 calories less per day, they could easily lose one to two pounds per week.

This makes it a long-term sustainable and fun weight loss technique.

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