21 Day Body Turnaround: Michael Mosley shares intermittent fasting plan to help lose fat

Colson Smith discusses motivation behind weight loss

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Dr Michael Mosley regularly shares his weight loss advice online as well as on his television shows. The expert returned to Channel 4 tonight to help five volunteers lose weight. After several months in lockdown, many Britons have put weight on according to Michael, with one survey suggesting people have put on an average of 10lbs since the pandemic struck.

Pairing intermittent fasting along with a healthy exercise regime, the five volunteers, aged from 29 to 59 embarked on a 21-day lifestyle overhaul.

Intermittent fasting is an umbrella term for various meal timing schedules throughout the day.

There are various different types of intermittent fasting including the 16/8 method, the 5:2 method, and the alternate-day fasting.

The first episode of Michael Mosely’s show explained how the volunteers were put on an intermittent fasting diet plan.

For one of the woman volunteers, intermittent fasting had been a “struggle” because she was used to late night snacking.

She explained: “It has been a struggle to make sure I’m eating everything within the period where we’re supposed to be eating, I’m normally busy running around after my daughter all day, and don’t eat at proper times so I have struggled to fit it all in.”

The expert revealed that eating within a time-restricted window is because animal studies suggest it can help in improving health as well as aid in weight loss.

The 5:2 diet, which was popularised by Dr Mosley, is a form of fasting where slimmers eat about 25 percent of their recommended calorie needs on two scheduled fasting days each week and then eat normally for the other five days.

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People following the diet generally space out the fasting days so that they aren’t next to each other.

Studies have shown that intermittent fasting can help you lose weight and shed belly fat.

This is because insulin increases when you eat. During the fasting period, insulin levels drop dramatically and lower insulin levels facilitate fat burning.

Of course, exercise must also be incorporated into your diet to not only help with weight loss, but also improve mood.

Michael explained: “During lockdown, they were very sedentary…it’s important they build on their levels of exercise, no matter what the weather.”

Although exercising is unlikely to lead to weight loss directly, it can help to create a calorie deficit.

Michael Mosley asked the volunteers to walk more, trying to get to 10,000 steps a day.

They also embarked on a fitness challenge, which included 20 minutes, twice a week, of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT).

HIIT involves short, but intense bursts of exercise, interspersed by short break periods.

A typical hit workout could look like 30 seconds of star jumps, followed by a short break, then 30 seconds of squats.

According to the expert, the first 30 second burst of exercise leads to the release of so-called “signalling molecules”.

Doing this regularly can help improve fitness levels quite quickly.

When combined with eating healthy, the five volunteers lost a significant amount of weight.

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