10 tips for smashing your goals by a Victoria’s Secret PT – diet and exercise done right

Lorraine: Emily Atack TWERKS during Zumba class

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Working out should be enjoyable, otherwise nobody will want to do it. Celebrity personal trainer Faye Edwards, who has worked with Victoria’s Secret Angel Leomi Henderson, exclusively told Express.co.uk her 10 tips for making exercise fun, as well as her top healthy food tips.

Tip One: Find something you enjoy

Faye told readers: “It’s important to find something that you enjoy.”

Her personal favourites are combat based fitness and dance.

“Music is a great way to help motivate us to move and and do something fun where it doesn’t have to be so serious.”

She continued: “You don’t have to do the things that everyone else is doing – if you don’t like running, you don’t have to run.”

Tip Two: Partner up

Faye’s second tip was to enlist the help of a workout buddy to help stay accountable.

“If you commit to doing a workout and on the day you don’t really feel like it, if you have a workout buddy you don’t want to let them down.”

What’s more, you’ll have someone to push you when your motivation is flagging.

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Tip Three: Take a class

Faye suggested: “There’s so much out there and I find that group exercise is a great way to motivate you.”

According to the expert, the uplifting atmosphere can be enough to get someone out of an exercise rut and actually enjoy a session.

“If you’re going to a 45 minute class that you enjoy, you will feel how quickly it goes.”

What’s more: “You’ve got an instructor, guiding you through and telling you what to do.”

Tip Four: Carve out a special exercise space

While exercise classes can be a great way to get fit and inspired at the same time, Faye appreciated that they aren’t for everybody.

Alternatively, slimmers can access excellent workouts from the comfort of their own homes.

Pushing some living room furniture out the way or popping into the garden can create a safe haven for exercise without having to trek to the gym!

Tip Five: Get out your phone

“Having an app is a great way to get motivated,” suggested Faye.

Faye has launched high-energy F.I.T Box and F.I.T Dance programmes on wellness and fitness app TRUCONNECT.

“Find something that can track your progress and help keep you accountable.”

Stats such as how many calories were burned or the duration of a workout can be fantastic motivators.

Tip Six: Write it down

“Do a training log or write in a diary – that’s what I like to do.”

This is beneficial for helping to plan and schedule workouts.

“Maybe Monday is strength workout day, Tuesday is something fun, Wednesday is a stretch day and Thursday you rest.

“And if you have it written down you’re more likely to stay committed to your plan.”

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Tip Seven: Stop dieting

Slimmers can rejoice, as the Victoria’s Secret personal trainer would recommend a balanced lifestyle over dieting any day.

“I don’t believe in crash diets, fad diets, quick fixes or anything like that.

“I really believe in intuitive eating and I really believe in balanced meals.”

Faye stocks up on carbohydrates, proteins and good fats.

Tip eight: Prioritise breakfast

“I start my day with protein and good fats.”

Her go-to breakfast foods include salmon, eggs and avocado.

But why is a good breakfast so important?

“If we go for long periods of time without having food, that’s when our body will crave things like sugar to give us a quick boost.”

So, stocking up on nutritious foods first thing is a good way to keep cravings at bay.

Tip nine: Snack

Contrary to popular belief, snacking is not a terrible sin for dieters – as long as it’s the right stuff.

Faye said: “I always have an apple or a few nuts in my bag.”

These keep her satiated and stop her from reaching for processed foods later in the day.

Tip 10: Consistency is key

What’s Victoria’s secret?

When asked what the Victoria’s Secret angels all have in common, Faye revealed that they all share one key trait when it comes to working out.

“Being consistent is key, that’s the main tip really.”

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