Why These $3 Mini Spatulas Will Become Your Favorite Kitchen Tool

I'm a sucker for spatulas. I'm not ashamed to admit that. I reach for them almost exclusively over spoons. But even then, I found one that has an indentation on one side that makes it a spoon-ish spatula (a spoonula, if you will), so now I own three.

I own a few Harry Potter-themed spatulas, too, and I always look forward to Williams Sonoma's annual release of charity spatulas, which raise funds for the vitally important organization No Kid Hungry.

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I gave my sister-in-law an entire rainbow of Le Creuset spoonulas and spatulas to coordinate with her new cookware—and with any seasonal decor she might like to display. I even (in what has become an infamous story in my immediate family) threw away all of my grandmother's spatulas because they were melted, flimsy, broken, and faded. And honestly, no spatula deserves that kind of disrespect.

But I save my greatest amount of adoration for the mini silicone spatula.

Like most silicone utensils, these mini spatulas are heat resistant up to 500°F and the food-grade silicone is safe to use on non-stick cookware and stainless steel cookware alike. They're also non-stick, so you don't have to worry about sticky caramels or gooey jams gluing themselves to them. Food will slip right off in the sink.

The one-piece design is a serious game changer. I have a number of spatulas (that I love and adore) that are constructed of a wooden or polymer handle with a removable silicone head. But you have to remove the wooden handle from the head when you're washing them, and they can be misplaced easily. If you wash the wooden handles in the dishwasher, they may splinter, crack, or warp.

If you don't remove the head from the handle, food bits and water can creep down into the spatula head and cause serious bacterial issues. Yikes!

But the one-piece design of these silicone spatulas eliminates that worry altogether. You wash the whole thing, by hand or by machine, and you don't have to fret about water hiding away anywhere.

I use these mini spatulas for so many things. I mash avocado for guacamole. I mix up small amounts of sauces for tacos, burgers, or falafels, making extra sure to scrape the sides of my bowl. (A regular silicone spatula is too large for most soup bowls, and it often causes splashes and spills.) I prefer the smaller spatula size for scrambling eggs because I can get a better handle on the final curd size.

What else? Oh, of course they're great for scraping the sides of jars and bottles, a space too limiting for larger spatulas. I use them to mix probiotic powder into my cats' food, which I realize is a specific use that won't apply to many of you, but when you have an entire jar of spatulas right beside you on the kitchen island, it's a natural option.

A list of things I do with a mini spatula:

  • Scraping every bit of food from my mini food chopper
  • Dividing out bits of sauce or salad dressing
  • Frosting cupcakes
  • Spreading batter in mini loaf buns
  • Loosening up the bits of food at the bottom of the blender, which is too small a space for a regular spatula
  • Stirring melting chocolate or butter

I get that a small spatula may seem impractical. Sure, a larger spatula may not be as easy to manipulate and maneuver in jars and bowls, but it's not impossible. So why bother with a new tool?

All I can say is, once you go mini, you'll never go back.

I own several styles of mini spatulas—Le Creuset has one with a very slender head (they call it a Jar Scraper) that really can get into the bottom of every jar or bottle—but I always return to these simple, basic ones available on Amazon.

I like the way they feel in my hand, hefty but not overly heavy. I like their size; they're 8.5 inches long. (You can buy them with the regular-size spatula, which is 11.5 inches long.) And honestly, I like their price.

At less than $3 ($2.60 to be exact), you can't really find a better bargain. If one melts (like you used it on a grill, perhaps), you'll be sad, but it's not a major hit to your wallet. Plus, they come in a pack of five, so you've got four more.

"I use these for stirring items that are cooking, scraping bowls or jars. Easy to clean and enough of them so that I can use multiple spatulas while preparing several items," one Amazon reviewer recently wrote.

Another said, "I was worried that I only needed one spatula and that buying these was excessive, but I seriously recommend these 100%. I'm constantly grabbing them for everything, so it's nice to have 5."

Add these to your next Amazon cart and give them a try. You will soon believe in the power of mini spatulas, too.


To buy: $12.99 for a pack of 5; amazon.com

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