We Tried The Frozen Honey Hack Taking Over TikTok

I put it to the test and froze a couple dollops of honey, maple syrup, and agave to see which one came out best. Although I only popped them in the freezer for about four hours, I’m sure if they spent more time the results would be a bit better. Overall, what I did notice was that honey froze quicker than the other two, so if you try this out yourself leave agave and maple syrup in the freezer a bit longer.
As far as taste, I absolutely understand why the people on the internet have been freezing their honey. It cools into little bite-sized pieces of congealed honey which makes it chewy and super sweet, a combo hard to accomplish in many actual dishes. I would almost liken it to the texture of fudge but without the overt richness chocolate fudge typically comes with. What I would suggest is using a better method than freezing little dots on a baking sheet and maybe even using an ice tray or something similar to make it easier for yourself.
Final verdict: 10 out of 10. Five stars. You’ve got to try frozen honey, honey!

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