Trader Joe’s Just Announced 7 Brand-New Products—And We Can Hardly Wait

Inside Trader Joe’s—the podcast from the often-secretive food retailer—just released their April episode yesterday, and it is full of exciting announcements. From trendy beverages to mouthwatering sweet treats, we can’t wait for these seven products to hit the shelves over the next few months.

Full disclosure: Nutrition information isn’t yet available on the Trader Joe’s website, but for the more indulgent options on this list—like ice cream or chips—you should treat them as a “sometimes” food. We believe that there’s a place for treats in a healthy diet, but stick to smaller portions to keep nutrition in check.

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Neapolitan Joe-Joe’s Ice Cream

The first product announced had us drooling. An even more indulgent spin on the popular Neapolitan Joe-Joe’s cookies, this new product consists of vanilla and strawberry ice cream, chocolate fudge pieces, dark chocolate swirls, and crumbled Neapolitan Joe-Joe’s pieces. Stick to a small scoop to keep sugar in check, and be on the lookout for this seasonal item in late spring or early summer.

Mochi Cake Mix

If you haven’t tried Trader Joe’s ice cream-filled mochi yet, you’re seriously missing out! And now, these doughy balls of goodness are making their way into a baked goody. This cake mix is made with the same ingredients of mochi with the rich buttery, vanilla flavor of your favorite yellow cake. And, it’s gluten-free! Again, just make sure to look at portion sizes.

Protein Pancake Mix

We are really excited about this one. This simple pancake mix packs 10g protein per serving, and all you need to do is add water before cooking up on the griddle. Tara Miller, marketing director for Trader Joe’s, said this mix has been a hit with her whole family, and we can’t wait to try it with ours.

Turmeric-Ginger-Coconut Beverage

Think of this as TJ’s spin on the trendy golden milk drink you may be seeing on Instagram. TJ’s VP of Marketing Product Matt Sloan said this drink was inspired by many consumers requesting for more turmeric products. This beverage is made with coconut milk for a creamy dairy-free treat.

Bloody Mary Salsa

No, this is not a new boozy condiment, but rather a spin on a traditional salsa recipe. Celery and Bloody Mary spices give tomatoes a delicious kick. Sloan said although he isn’t a big Bloody Mary drinker, he could eat a whole lot of this salsa.

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Patio Potato Chips

This is not your ordinary bag of potato chips. This is a treasure trove of all of our favorite chip flavors—barbecue, sea salt and vinegar, homestyle ketchup, and delicious dill—all in one package! Make sure you grab these while you can, because Miller noted these chips won’t last on shelves past summertime.

Organic Ethiopian Peaberry Hambela Estate Small Lot Coffee

Miller and Sloan were really jazzed about this new coffee. This particular type of coffee has never been offered outside Ethiopia, and Trader Joe’s is making it not only available but more affordable—as peaberry coffee can often be expensive.

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