This Starbucks Pink Matcha Drink Is Currently The Star Of TikTok And We Need To Order One ASAP

There are two types of Starbucks orders: the ones where you need to get as much caffeine into your body as possible before going about your day and the ones where you’re going through the drive-thru as a little treat and want to get something delicious and fun. If you’re always on the search for drinks that fall into the latter category, you’re going to want to look into ordering this super colorful “Cosmo and Wanda” strawberry matcha drink that has TikTok hooked.
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The drink has been popping on the platform all summer after TikTok-er Amanda Diaz posted a video sharing how to order it, according to PopSugar. This drink is a sweet and light option that tastes as good as it looks so of course it was an instant hit. Plus, unlike a lot of secret menu drinks, this one doesn’t require a ton of customizations.
To order, simply ask the barista to make you a Pink Drink with vanilla cold foam and a scoop of matcha powder blended into the foam. That’s it! The result is a gorgeous color-blocked drink worthy of a ‘gram. Amanda’s video’s sound is full of other people trying the drink and raving about it. It’s even been dubbed the “Cosmo and Wanda” drink because of the colors reminding people of the characters from the Nickelodeon show Fairly OddParents.
Before I was a coffee drinker, I used to order strawberry smoothies with a scoop of matcha powder and though the result was not nearly as pretty as this drink (my friends referred to it as “swamp drink”), it tasted AMAZING, so this is one flavor combo that cannot be beat. Bottoms up!

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