This Online Banana Bread Shop Makes Insanely Beautiful Loaves That Sell Out In Minutes

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Now, Chernick does “drops” where she lets customers know when she will open ordering on her website and what days she will be baking. Currently, she sets the cap at 150 loaves per drop–which she then bakes in a single day. When she opens ordering, it typically sells out within five minutes. She recently quit her job to run the banana bread business full time and hopes to expand her inventory in the future with more than one bake day per week along with help in the commercial kitchen she now rents.
The banana bread she sells comes in two sizes: mini and regular. Depending on the flavor, the mini loaves range from $8 to $10 and the regular loaves range from $15 to $20. “Something people go crazy about is the monthly flavors,” Chernick says. This past month, she offered a triple chocolate banana bread. You can expect cinnamon apple banana bread for September and likely a pumpkin spice for October.
I, for one, can definitely see this shop turning into the Levain of banana bread. The masses simply can’t get enough! Chernick says opening a shop would be her dream come true, and she can definitely see it happening sooner than she’d ever anticipated. Until then, follow her on Instagram for all of the info you need to get ahold of her stunning banana bread. FYI, her “Order Q’s” Instagram Highlights are extremely helpful!

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