This Kentucky Fried Hot Tub Is the Most KFC Thing We've Seen All Day

Have you ever looked at a KFC bucket full of delicious fried chicken and thought, “Dang, that looks relaxing. I’d like to take a bath in that.”

You have? Didn’t expect that. But I like your style, you wonderful weirdo.

Also, you’re not alone. Watch this:

The company, which launched its KFC Innovations Lab this week, is turning to its fans to bring its craziest ideas to life.

Among the wacky projects you can support on the crowdfunding platform IndieGogo are:

  • Colonel on Ice: The Colonel Harland Sanders story, but on ice.
  • Little Colonel Locator: A location-tracking necktie that’ll help you find like-minded fried chicken fanatics within 100 feet of your smartphone.
  • Smart Cane Remote: So you can change the channel like the classy colonel you are.
  • Picnic with the Colonel: A cardboard picnic set, complete with a cardboard Colonel Sanders to hold your chicken.

Totally on board with all of these. But, let’s be honest, we’d all give 1,000 location-tracking neckties for one Kentucky Fried Hot Tub.
This beautiful, red and white-striped beast features wood-fired thermosyphoning heating technology—meaning, there’s a built-in fireplace which sounds perfectly safe.

Best of all, though, it’s roomy AF. So you can marinate in your own herbs and spices with five of your closest friends.

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