This Brita Filter Keeps Water Clean for 6 Months — And It’s on Sale Right Now

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Honestly, as much as I love the comfort of coffee or a glass of rosé at the end of the long day, nothing (nothing!) feels as satisfying as gulping down a big glass of water. Which is funny, because the best water tastes like… nothing.

Most tap water is safe to drink, but removing funky tastes and odors can require a water filter. For the most affordable filtration, a water pitcher is your best bet, and right now is your chance to snag one at a discount: Amazon’s best-selling pitcher, the Brita UltraMax with Longlast Filtration, is 38 percent off.

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To buy: $28 (originally $45);

The Brita Ultramax’s Longlast filtration system is BPA-free and certified to remove heavy metals like lead, mercury, and cadmium, as well as chlorine, which impacts taste and odor. It’s one of the company’s longest-lasting systems, filtering up to 120 gallons (about six month’s worth of water). Plus it includes an electronic indicator that tells you when to replace it.

The large capacity container holds up to 18 cups of water, but is slim enough to fit neatly on countertops and refrigerator shelves. And no need to worry about lifting the heavy body — it features a sleek spigot for easy pouring.

So it comes as no surprise that the beloved pitcher has over 2,700 perfect five-star reviews on Amazon. Users rave about how easy the pitcher is to use and maintain, as well as the clean flavor.

“I can definitely notice a difference in the taste of the water,” says a customer. “I loved this so much that after my first day using it I went ahead and bought a few spare filters so that I’ll have enough water filtering for a year or more.”

Another adds: “My city water has kind of a funky aftertaste when drank straight from the tap. I bought this because I was tired of buying cases of water bottles and having a back porch full of plastic bottles to return (which I still haven't done, in case anyone was curious). This completely gets rid of that taste and filters the water REALLY quickly.”

Customers also praise the UltraMax’s large capacity and space-saving design, with some describing how smaller pitchers would be empty after just two pours.

“It is so nice not to have to refill a pitcher everyday,” writes a reviewer. “My whole family drinks water and we all fill up our water bottles in the morning before work and school. Our old pitcher meant someone was left filling it up and waiting for it to filter through. With this one everyone gets a fill up and there’s still some left over! It takes up hardly any space at all! I love the tall slim feature.”

While the Brita UltraMax with Longlast Filtration typically retails for $45, you can get it for a cool $28. But add it to your cart before the sale price is gone — you’ll want to start sipping cold, clean water ASAP.


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