This Award-Winning Salad Spinner Is Climbing Amazon's Best-Selling Charts

Creepy crawlies, specks of dirt, bacteria-laden leaves—these are just a few of the reasons it’s worth the ten extra minutes to wash your greens. (Yes, even the “triple-washed, ready-to-eat” bags of lettuce.)

Of course, the speediest way to clean produce is with a salad spinner. Just dump your greens into the spinner basket and tub filled with water, swish everything around, drain the dirty water, and whirl your lettuce dry.

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And for those looking for the best spinner around, Amazon shoppers are obsessed with this version from Mueller.

Buy it: $26;

Winner of the prestigious European Red Dot Award for its patented pull-control and braking system, as well as its anti-wobble base, the German-made spinner is one of Amazon’s top-selling models and has nearly 2,000 perfect five-star reviews. Users call the salad spinner “high-quality” and “solid,” and rave about the large 5-liter capacity.   

“One of my main concerns was that I didn’t want another bulky item to try to store in my kitchen,” writes one shopper. “I feel like this is a good size. Small enough to store, but not so small you can’t fit much in it. It holds quite a lot!”

One reviewer even found the Mueller spinner sturdy enough to handle heavier produce. “All the parts are a stronger and thicker plastic and will hold up when spinning fruit such as grapes, strawberries, and cherries,” they write. “The large bowl allows me to put enough water in it to really clean my fruits and vegetables before draining the bowl through the strainer basket and doing a final rinse without flexing like other strainers. The bowl does not slip around on the counter because of the grippers on the bottom. The pull out handle works quite nicely (had been somewhat skeptical) and the lid lines up with the strainer correctly each time.”

The gadget is made from 100 percent BPA-free food grade ABS plastic and designed to be easy to operate and clean. Reviewers describe how effortless it is to assemble and use the spinner, and also complimented the Smart Lock lid, which has a drain slot to remove dirty water without opening the spinner.

The salad spinner is especially great for people with arthritis, one user explains. “The action of the pull handle is very effective in getting rid of excess water and you don't even have to remove the lid to remove this excess water which is also very convenient for people with arthritic hands.”

Ready to give the Mueller device a spin? Head to Amazon and add it to your cart now.

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